A United Breweries Ltd. building towers above a palm tree

Sonata Software case study

Datacenter modernization service brings beer titan to Microsoft Azure

Reaching a bottleneck in on-premises infrastructure

Due to rapid business growth, United Breweries Ltd. (UBL) faced the challenge of refreshing its on-premises infrastructure earlier than expected.

Modernizing and virtualizing with a move to Microsoft Azure

Sonata Software designed a scalable infrastructure for UBL and rehosted all of its applications in Microsoft Azure.

Driving efficiency and saving money with scalable cloud resources

With the datacenter modernization, UBL gained on-demand scalability and reduced its capital expenditures.

Sonata Software, a longtime Microsoft partner with a broad range of experience

Sonata Software is a global information technology (IT) services company headquartered in Bengaluru, India. For more than 25 years, Sonata Software has been a Microsoft partner, working across business apps, infrastructure, data, engineering, and other areas to help independent software vendors and system integrators.

UBL, headquartered in UB City, Bengaluru, India, is a major beer manufacturer whose flagship brand is Kingfisher. To support its exponential growth, UBL needed a future-ready infrastructure, one that could offer simpler management. UBL wanted a leaner infrastructure on-premises as well as an elastic cloud infrastructure with minimal upfront investment and a pay-as-you-use business model. Sonata Software’s team worked with Microsoft on the requirements and supported UBL in migrating its Intel-based on-premises infrastructure to Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

‘A templatized approach to legacy infrastructure modernization’

"Sonata’s datacenter modernization service provides a templatized approach to legacy infrastructure modernization and has ensured high availability of customer IT infrastructure,” said Pathanjali Kavuri, Delivery Head of Azure Infra Services, Sonata Software.

With its datacenter modernization service, Sonata Software consolidated and virtualized all of UBL’s Intel-based server workloads, designed a scalable infrastructure in Azure, and rehosted all of UBL’s applications in Azure. Sonata Software also optimized UBL’s infrastructure utilization to drive maximum return on investment.

This involved automating frequent, time-consuming, and recurring management tasks. These included starting or stopping virtual machines during off-hours, automating deployment of Azure resources via JavaScript Object Notation templates, running tasks on Azure Virtual Machines using the Custom Script Extension, automatically stopping virtual machines based on low usage, and creating virtual machines via comma-separated value input files. Sonata Software drove effective governance by focusing on service-level agreement adherence, a monthly dashboard review, and usage and cost optimization.

Through Azure, UBL gained high availability, on-demand scalability, and zero downtime during deployments, allowing its IT workforce to spend less time on maintenance and management.

“Our approach helps customers migrate their infrastructure and associated applications in the first phase, and then use Azure tools and services to ensure high availability and an optimized return on investment.”

—Srinivas Vuppala, Head of Cloud, Data, and ISV, Sonata Software

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