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Your guides to cloud business transformation: the Cloud Practice Development Playbooks provide the essential blueprints and tools to develop, analyze, manage, and secure an effective cloud practice that’s built to last.

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Cloud Application Development Playbook

Help your customers digitally transform by guiding them through application development, developer operations and the endless opportunities in digital media.

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Data Platform & Analytics Playbook

Build intelligent solutions and apps with advanced business analytics and help customers with data platform modernization and an actionable understanding of the Internet of Things.

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Cloud Infrastructure & Management Playbook

Learn all about infrastructure modernization, hybrid cloud management and security, as well as hybrid cloud infrastructure implementation.

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Enterprise Mobility & Security Playbook

Find out how to assist your customers with identity and access management, managed mobile productivity and information protection.

Security Practice Development Playbook

Accelerate or optimize your business with a security focused practice across a comprehensive business development framework.

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AI Practice Development Playbook

Learn how to drive new revenue opportunities by envisioning, implementing, or deploying AI solutions as part of your service offerings.

Cloud Migration and Modernization Playbook

Leverage the opportunity to build on your cloud service offerings with workload migration and application modernization services.

ISV to SaaS Playbook

Understand how ISVs specializing in making and selling software can build or optimize an Azure-focused SaaS practice.




  • あらゆる段階で Azure プラクティスを促進および最適化する方法。
  • 新しい収益機会、マーケティング戦略、潜在顧客獲得戦略を推進する方法。
  • チームが将来に向けて準備できるように、技術的なスキルとリソースにアクセスする方法。


  • どのようなクラウド ソリューションを提供すべきかを判断するには、どうすればよいですか?
  • 始めるために、どのようなチームとリソースが必要ですか?
  • Azure でどのように市場に参入すればよいですか?
  • お客様に何を請求しますか? また、どのように請求しますか?
  • その他多数

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