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Qunifi case study: Marketplace Rewards

With Microsoft Marketplace Rewards, Qunifi sees surge of interest

Aiming to broaden the sales network with Microsoft

Qunifi sells a solution, Call2Teams, that enables the adoption of Microsoft Teams, so Qunifi wanted to gain exposure to Microsoft sellers and partners.

The high-value opportunity of Marketplace Rewards

Qunifi took part in the Marketplace Rewards program from Microsoft, which helped Qunifi connect with Microsoft sellers and promote its services.

Promotion and engagement boost interest and interaction

With the Marketplace Rewards team, Qunifi stoked interest in Call2Teams and doubled the number of sign-ups for its free trial on Microsoft AppSource.

Trailblazing integration with Qunifi’s Call2Teams

Based in the United Kingdom, Qunifi is a leading company in unified communications integration. Qunifi services are delivered globally from Microsoft Azure locations across three continents. The Azure platform, combined with management tools like Application Insights, have enabled Qunifi to scale without increasing management overhead.

Qunifi worked with Microsoft to develop Call2Teams, an Office 365 add-on that connects any private branch exchange (PBX) phone system with Microsoft Teams. The Call2Teams app is now available across 36 countries globally, enabled by the international transaction capability of AppSource.

Exciting marketing successes

Qunifi’s Marketplace Rewards benefits included various marketing options. Qunifi partook in social promotion on Twitter and Facebook, along with a press release and a partner success story. Microsoft has a strong social network, with 196,000 followers of its @msPartner Twitter account and 241,000 followers of its @mspartner Facebook account.

The press release, which announced the launch of Call2Teams on AppSource, was published in the run-up to Inspire. Qunifi saw a 38 percent surge in web traffic and product inquires as well as a doubling of traffic coming from the marketplace over the first few weeks after the release. This was amplified by a blog post by Microsoft that also went live during Inspire. Over the period of the press release and Inspire blog activity, Qunifi saw its LinkedIn visitor metrics increase by 64 percent.

Qunifi’s partner success story, detailing its Call2Teams app and its integration abilities, received 283 page views and provided an important landing page.

"Our partner success story is a great asset for use when pitching to customers, giving the endorsement of a place on and outlining our credentials from an independent perspective,” said Mark Herbert, Chief Executive Officer, Qunifi. “Having Microsoft standing by our side when promoting our service to partners and customers is a valuable benefit."

The Twitter social promotion, which advertised the free Call2Teams trial, gained Qunifi more than 26,000 views, and 145 viewers took up the call-to-action. During the campaign, Qunifi experienced a 50 percent increase in activity on its website.

“Since our product listing has been promoted on AppSource, we are getting more than half of our website traffic referred from AppSource—ranking above all search engines combined—and we’ve doubled the number of customers signing up to the free trial on AppSource.”

—Mark Herbert, Chief Executive Officer, Qunifi

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