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Helping partners unlock new business opportunities

We’re transitioning our commerce experience to accelerate partner growth.

More growth opportunities, valuable relationships, and customer success

Partners can expand their business with continuous selling

As a partner, you can use the latest Microsoft resources to build unique solutions for virtually any customer need and leverage our sales motions to serve businesses of any size.

Value-added services for enduring partner relationships

Our partners can build a sustainable business by guiding customers through digital transformation, offering recurring solutions, and earning rewards for driving customer value.

Lower partner costs, accelerated customer success

We’re giving partners the resources to drive faster solution adoption among customers, streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and manage customers more effectively.

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As a partner, you’ll be able to leverage the Microsoft commerce experience to grow your business and add value for your customers.

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Sales motions for customers of all sizes

Partners can access new sales motions for enterprise and large corporate customers, small corporate and breadth customers, and individual customers and departments.

Enterprise and large corporate customers

Expand your direct and indirect market offerings and streamline customer purchase experiences.

Small corporate and breadth customers

Add value by packaging your solutions with our products and meeting the growing demand for managed services.

Cloud Solution Provider opportunities

Grow new revenue options, increase profit by owning end-to-end customer lifecycles, and deliver differentiated solutions that drive customers’ digital transformation.

Enhanced Azure partner capabilities

Azure now enables Cloud Solution Provider partners to offer customers new innovations as soon as they’re available through the website and from field sellers.

New licensing options

Cloud Solution Provider partners can now offer customers perpetual software licenses for on-premises deployment, greater flexibility, and a simpler transition to the cloud.

Evolving the Azure commerce experience

Discover how the new commerce experience for Azure in the Cloud Solution Provider program will simplify the Azure purchasing process, create better pricing alignment, and more.

Manage your relationship with Microsoft in Partner Center

Manage your relationship with Microsoft, customers, and other partners in one central hub.

Get to know the Microsoft Partner Agreement

Our partner terms support data privacy and security, promote compliance, and encourage sound business practices for Microsoft partners and customers. Currently only available in the Cloud Solution Provider program.