Microsoft Viva Insights – Build Intent Workshop

Demonstrate the power of Microsoft Viva Insights to enable people and businesses to thrive with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Help customers discover Microsoft Viva Insights and how it helps individuals, managers, and leaders gain personalized insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in an organization thrive. The workshop consists of an in-depth exploration of personal, manager, and leader insights to:

  • Understand the impact of work patterns on productivity and wellbeing
  • Provide privacy-protected insights and actionable recommendations
  • Address complex challenges with advanced tools and capabilities

Deliverables include a unique and prioritized summary of use cases for your customer and an actionable plan to help implement and adopt Microsoft Viva across their organization.

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Man in a meeting room working on his laptop Man in a meeting room working on his laptop

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