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Build a Microsoft practice

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Accelerate digital transformation

IDC predicts that partners will generate approximately USD984 billion in revenue in 2020 solely on business related to Microsoft technology, growing to USD1.2 trillion by 2024. Explore our e-book series to learn how to create value and growth for your customers by accelerating their digital transformation.

Our five-phase approach to practice development

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1. Define the strategy

Differentiate yourself from the competition by telling a powerful story about your business.

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2. Hire and train

Identify the skills and training your team needs to successfully execute your new business model.

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3. Operationalize

Put your business plan into action and define your approach to engaging customers.

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4. Go-to-market

Show your solution’s unique value and turn customer leads into lasting relationships.

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5. Optimize and grow

Nurture and learn from your customer relationships so you can expand into new markets.

Determine your area of focus

Use what you have learned to start building a practice in a specific line of business. Find the right fit and dive deeper with our cloud practice playbooks.
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Business development essentials

Learn best practices for building a profitable cloud practice, creating a business plan, shifting to a solution selling model, and understanding cloud buyers.

Get guidance to connect with customers

Set up your profile, generate quality referrals, and accelerate your business growth with one-on-one advice and support from a dedicated cloud specialist.

Stay competitive with Microsoft Action Pack

We’re continually growing and improving our resources so that you can do the same for your business. With Microsoft Action Pack, you gain access to a trove of tools designed to help you and your customers stay ahead and stand out. Uncover exclusive offerings like an unmatched offering of product licenses; five hours of proactive, personalized guidance from Microsoft technical consultants; and dedicated assistance with up to 10 product support incidents to help you transform your business.