Build in an integrated world

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Meet your needs with seamlessly integrated Microsoft tools and services

When Microsoft products work together, you increase the value of your apps, save by utilizing your existing investments, increase your ROI with faster production, and reach a global market.

Receive coding assistance for Microsoft Azure in just a few clicks (available in English and Mandarin only).

Two people working on Surface tablets.

Your code on any platform

Deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows apps while using your existing skills, teams, and code with Xamarin.


Innovate with Microsoft products

Learn about these powerful Microsoft tools and discover how they can help you.

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Develop in the cloud

Quickly build and manage apps, extend your IP, and run your applications in the cloud.

Meet and work with other developers

Drive the world’s productivity

Make the world your office when you develop apps for the more than one billion people who use Office every day.

Unleash the power of the cloud with your

Get the best of both

Build your apps with speed and efficiency in the cloud, use the tools you know, and offer customers flexible choices.


Drive your skills to the next level

Your one stop for the Microsoft product training and workshops you'll need to start innovating with us.

One app to help developers get back to what they do best

Scaling from 20 to more than 2,000 employees

Microsoft's Azure team had to rethink the processes and minimize the manual steps involved with running a GitHub organization at scale. Find out how those Microsoft engineers have helped developers in large organizations with management operations, onboarding, and more. See how this was done with a web app for GitHub powered by Microsoft Azure services, GitHub's API, and the power of open source.

One app to help developers get back to what they do best
Work with partners

Sell your app

See how you can get your app published and distributed so your customers can begin using it today.