Work with a dedicated cloud specialist

Start building your business by connecting with a dedicated cloud specialist. They’re here to help you grow your cloud business with one-on-one personalized guidance over a six-month period.
Take advantage of this offer by submitting the following form. This service is offered to eligible partners at no cost.

Work with a dedicated cloud specialist

Personalized assistance for your business.

Partner Nomination Form

The goal of the Cloud Enablement Desk is to provide a guided experience to help partners grow their cloud businesses using the resources and benefits from the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

Partners will be assigned a Cloud Program Specialist (CPS) who can help articulate MPN benefits, guide to competency attainment, facilitate one-on-one sessions with technical experts, drive towards co-sell capability, and more.

After filling out the form you will be assigned a specialist who will help:

  • Activate your benefits
  • Build your marketing capabilities
  • Facilitate one-on-one sessions with technical/marketing experts
  • Build your referral profile
  • Guide to competency attainment
  • Onboard to Co-Sell Ready status
  • and more

Your specialist will work with your company for a period of time based on agreed upon MPN program goals and growth objectives.

IMPORTANT To engage with the Cloud Enablement Desk, you must have an MPN ID. To meet one-on-one with technical and/or marketing experts, you must at least have an Action Pack Subscription or ISV Starter Kit. To onboard to Co-Sell Ready status, you must meet the Co-Sell Ready requirements.

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