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Reseller opportunities

See how joining the Microsoft Partner Network and establishing a reseller account can help you grow your business.

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Build a stronger business

Develop additional revenue streams and strengthen relationships with customers and authorized distributors by provisioning licenses to genuine Microsoft products.

Go from partner to trusted advisor with CSP

Take advantage of increasing customer demand by entering the Cloud Solution Provider program and learning how to own the end-to-end customer relationship.

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Work with a distributor

Microsoft has authorized distributors for these specific areas:

General distributors

Experts who can help you configure Microsoft licensing solutions and may offer credit services, marketing support, training, and access to dedicated sales representatives.

Cloud distributors

Specialists providing readiness, sales training and activation, technical and licensing support, and account management for cloud services.

Full-Packaged distributors

Partners who can help you license Microsoft Office Full-Packaged Products to activate Microsoft Office preloaded on new PCs.

OEM distributors

Partners who provide licenses for pre-installation on hardware and resale.