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Find new customers

Raise your visibility. Make new connections. Boost your marketing activities.

Three quick wins for expanding your reach

Activate your Go-To-Market Services

Get access to content and programs that help you speed up your time to market, generate leads, and expand your business.

Create connections with referrals

See how to position your business to make valuable, lasting connections by taking advantage of referrals.

Enhance your offering with a partner

Partner-to-partner relationships can help reduce the cost of going to market, build market share, and increase your profitability.

Co-sell alongside Microsoft

Prepare your business to collaborate with Microsoft in taking solutions to market, driving joint revenue, and ensuring customer success.

Realize and grow revenue for your IP

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Publish your app

Expose your app to thousands of new prospective customers by publishing it in the commercial marketplace.

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Market your app

Discover the best ways to attract customers to your app and turn leads into revenue.

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