Featured training for exam MS-101

Última modificação 2018-11-08

This learning path directs you to a number of resources to help prepare for taking the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Mobility and Security (MS-101) exam. This is one of two exams required for the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert Certification. To gain this certification, you must pass the MS-101 and MS-100 (Microsoft 365 Enterprise Identity and Services) exams. There is also available a MOOC — massive open online course. PLEASE NOTE: This course on oxa.microsoft.com only allows for registration using your MSA email account. The MSA account is the personal email account you use to sign in to Microsoft services like Hotmail, Skype or Xbox. Please follow these steps to access this course: 1. On a separate tab in your browser, go to OXA (https://oxa.microsoft.com) and click the “sign in” button to register with your MSA account. 2. On this learning path page, click the course you want to access. 3. You will then be taken to the OXA “about” page for that course, where you can click the “enroll” button. 4. Once you are enrolled, you will see the course in your OXA dashboard and you can then view and consume the course.