Our guest contributor for today’s blog is Jennifer Zarate, a Senior Communications Manager at Microsoft and host of the Microsoft Partner Innovation (MPI) Vodcast.

As partners navigate today’s world of digital transformation, I am excited to continue connecting you with Microsoft leaders and channel executives through the Microsoft Partner Innovation (MPI) Vodcast. Every two weeks, I host a discussion highlighting executive perspectives, compelling partner stories, and of course, innovative solutions for our customers. Our goal is to provide the Microsoft partner ecosystem with purpose-driven content that outlines the strategic investments we’re making to help you grow and succeed.

We have previously featured key episodes here on the Partner Blog and we’re returning with some great new content as we kick off a new quarter. Join in as we discuss what’s happening at Microsoft and our global partner community through can’t-miss interviews and reporting on relevant tech trends. You can catch up on the full MPI Vodcast series on our YouTube channel, where you’ll find the latest topics like betting on the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, skilling up the channel, and driving inclusive marketing and product development with #BuildFor2030.

Here’s a preview of two of our latest episodes:

Episode 17| Simplify sales + supercharge growth with commercial marketplace

Cloud marketplaces are gaining momentum as a preferred procurement channel. Learn how the ISV Success program can support you in creating a cloud GTM to unlock growth—on the latest #TopOfMind episode of the MPI Vodcast.

Prefer to listen? Click here for our podcast:

Episode 18| Microsoft Azure Space: The next frontier meets the power of the cloud

A universe of opportunities awaits partners with Azure Space. Discover how this platform and partner ecosystem help bridge the possibilities of space with the power of the cloud.

To listen to the podcast visit:


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