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Enterprise software is growing more pervasive, but spending patterns are about to change. See how your business can adapt in this Forrester market report.

The enterprise software market is expanding, while the cost of investing in solutions drops. Here’s what you need to know as you develop your business strategy.

The capabilities of enterprise software have begun to rapidly expand, leading to a “buyer’s market” for organizational and line of business solutions that can accomplish more than ever. Meanwhile, after decades of robust yearly growth rates of around 7 percent, the enterprise software market is expected to slow to about 4 percent in the coming decade.

Understanding that kind of market shift is key to meeting the evolving needs of buyers who embrace cloud-native, usage-priced, open source, and low-code solutions as part of their overall strategic plans. In Forrester’s market trends report, The Future of the Enterprise Software Industry, you’ll learn new ways to satisfy your customers’ expectations. This report will walk you through:

  • Why packaged apps and software as a service (SaaS) are growing as a portion of overall software spending.
  • How open source software has affected the sales growth of other software segments, including middleware and custom-developed apps.
  • Why enterprise software systems have evolved a number of consumer-grade features like icon-based interfaces and improved design.

Stay current on the trends that are transforming the market and driving your customers’ innovations.
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