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DataVisor case study

DataVisor Enterprise Lite integrates Azure AI to protect financial organizations against fraud

Financial institutions face the evolving challenge of digital fraud

Monitoring financial transactions and events for fraud in real time across a range of products and channels is a critical requirement banks must fulfill.

DataVisor Enterprise Lite provides fraud and risk management

DataVisor Enterprise Lite on Microsoft Azure helps fraud and risk teams adapt to novel fraud patterns, identify business risks, and catch internal business violations.

Driving efficiencies and delivering dramatic savings with DataVisor

DataVisor reduces exposure to financial crime, eliminates compliance fines, and minimizes false positives, with a general new threat detection uplift of more than 35 percent.

DataVisor empowers financial organizations to detect malicious and fraudulent behavior with pinpoint accuracy

A Microsoft partner since 2019, DataVisor helps protect organizations against financial and reputational threats across a variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, marketplaces, e-commerce, travel, and social platforms. The company's mission is to deliver sophisticated solutions that help keep businesses and their customers safe from fraud and abuse. DataVisor's solutions on Microsoft Azure combine breakthrough AI with seamless workflows to enable fraud and data science teams to proactively defeat emerging fraud with speed and agility.

Financial organizations facing increasing risk from fraudulent and malicious actors need a faster, more efficient approach to identifying and mitigating threats. Seeking to leverage advanced detection tools such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data science and risk teams require the power of big data along with the ability to uncover actionable insights from large volumes of data.

“DataVisor's solutions feature a hyper-modern architecture built to manage complex digital signals and behavior analytics using advanced machine learning technologies at big data scale,” said Yinglian Xie, CEO and Cofounder, DataVisor. “We constantly push ourselves in order to empower large enterprises to identify and prevent even the most sophisticated attacks.”

DataVisor Enterprise Lite helps protect organizations from fraud in an ever-changing threat landscape

Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, DataVisor Enterprise Lite is an AI-powered fraud and risk platform that combines the simplicity of conventional rules analysis with modern machine learning to deliver an enterprise-class solution ready for runtime production environments. DataVisor is engineered to process massive amounts of data in real time to enhance detection accuracy and enable rapid response to emerging fraud attacks in a single, multi-tenant enterprise deployment.

DataVisor Enterprise Lite runs natively on an Azure public cloud or in an organization's private Azure instance. The solution integrates Azure AI, enabling users to leverage DataVisor's unsupervised machine learning (UML) to surface unknown threats, enhance identity resolution, and boost the efficiency of alert triage and prioritization. Featuring a typical new threat detection uplift of more than 35 percent after implementation, DataVisor Enterprise Lite powered by Azure helps organizations increase operational efficiency while delivering the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive protection against new and unforeseen threats.

“Microsoft's Marketplace Rewards program helped us connect with targeted customers so that we achieved business growth and wider implementation of our DataVisor Enterprise Lite for fraud and risk operations.”

—Juzheng Yang, COO of China, DataVisor

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