Move your membership to Partner Center

Take action and move your Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program membership management to Partner Center. Once you move you will be able to renew your membership and access tools, resources, and new membership offers to help continue growing your business.

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Reach more customers

Become a partner and access a global ecosystem of customers—plus the resources and guidance you need to reach them effectively. Let us help you connect.

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A cloud specialist, dedicated to you

Receive customized guidance throughout your digital transformation journey. Learn how your business can make the most of partnership programs with personalized support from a Microsoft specialist.

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Grow your business with referrals from Microsoft

We want to connect you with customers who need your solutions. Start cultivating valuable customer relationships with referrals from Microsoft.

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Millions of customers, your solutions

As part of our shared commitment to growth, co-sell with Microsoft is the path to be discovered, deliver your expertise, and expand your customer footprint for positive customer outcomes. This better-together selling approach delivers enriched value and specialization to help customers with their digital transformation needs.

Get sales insights on your existing customers who are ready to buy Get sales insights on your existing customers who are ready to buy

Get sales insights on your existing customers who are ready to buy

CloudAscent uses machine learning technology and hundreds of data sources to highlight new opportunities and generate fresh customer propensity reports each month.
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Publish your solution

Access a global ecosystem of customers, partners, and Microsoft field sellers when you publish to the commercial marketplace.

Learn more about marketplace rewards

Unlock Marketplace Rewards

Commercial marketplace is your gateway to go-to-market engagement from Microsoft. Leverage Marketplace Rewards benefits to scale your business and grow your revenue, unlocking additional rewards as you grow.

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Consult with an expert

Join the Partner Network and see how you can connect with a technical specialist who can help you publish your solution to the commercial marketplace.

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Get support as you go to market

Becoming a member of the Partner Network gives you the resources, programs, and support to successfully go to market. See what membership can do for you.