IoT Webinar Series – Business Transformation

Created Date 2018-01-31 |  Modified Date 2018-06-13

Applies To: Embedded / IoT Distributor


These 30-minute business discussions will help you think through how IoT is changing the way you do business from pricing through staffing, partnerships, and marketing.

Business Transformation

From Digital Transformation to New Business Models

Digital Transformation for IoT device partners is a journey – a journey which runs from the initial collection of data from IoT sensors through to the fundamental re-invention of a business. Digital Transformation can generate new ways for a company to save money, and to make money. Watch this dynamic video where our IoT Director of Strategy will walk you through this journey one step at a time.

IoT and Workforce Transformation

The IoT digital transformations are changing how businesses conceptualize failure as we move from onsite data centers to the scale of cloud computing. This video will show how this change in philosophy is not just limited to servers, to survive in the marketplace businesses will have to confront the roles and training of their workforce in the face of IoT digital transformations. You will learn what opportunities exists for workforce transformations at all levels of an organization.

Supercharge the P&L

Learn how the Internet of Things can reshape and transform the commercials of your business. This webinar will review how the introduction of IoT digital transformation into your organization can save money and generate revenue for both you and for your customers.