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Jump Analytics case study

Designing data analytics solutions for the mining industry

Challenges collecting data

The client struggled to collect data efficiently by relying on spreadsheets and other manual data collection methods.

Using Power BI to build an innovative solution

Jump Analytics leveraged its Mine Analytics Framework built on the Microsoft Power BI platform to provide deep analytics.

Improving operational efficiency

The client was able to provide the GM and the operations team with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tracking Mine performance across North America.

Jump Analytics (Jump) is a North American company that focuses on helping our customers design and deploy data analytics solutions that address financial and operational reporting challenges.

Jump works in the following industries: Mining, Oil/Gas, Field Services, Waste Management, Construction, Utilities, and other heavy asset and data intensive industries.

Jump brings a best practices approach to helping clients address complex reporting challenges, leveraging industry templates to address customers’ key reporting challenges.

By leveraging this experience, and by using the Advanced Data Analytics platform developed by Microsoft, Jump has been able to focus its efforts on designing unique and innovative analytics solutions for its customers.

Jump has particularly deep knowledge and expertise in developing solutions for mining and asset intensive industries (Natural Resources), skills the company has acquired through experience working with these customers.

Challenges collecting data efficiently

One of Jump’s first forays into the mining industry began when approached by one of the largest gold mining companies in the world.

The customer approached Jump with a vision of designing and deploying Mine General Manager (GM) Dashboards for all of its mine sites in North America. The customer had experienced challenges efficiently collecting the data needed to allow its mine operators to measure and maximize performance and production.

Prior to implementing Microsoft Power BI, the client had relied on piecemeal solutions using Access, Excel and MySQL databases.

While Tableau surfaced early in conversations as a potential competitive threat, the quick response by Jump and the expertise and services its partnership with Microsoft brought to the table quickly convinced the client to focus its attention on Microsoft Power BI and the solution Jump could provide using that technology.

“We are very excited about our ability to drive economic operational efficiencies to our Mining clients”

—Michael Matrick, Partner, Jump Analytics

Using Power BI to build an innovative solution

Jump was approached by a Tier One Mining client who had Financial and Operational reporting challenges. These challenges were both Corporate and Mine site specific.

Jump presented their industry expertise and Mine Analytics Framework, developed on Microsoft Power BI platform, to provide the Executive team with a vision into how Financial and Operational Mine site data could be reconciled automatically and analytics could be made available to all users.

Mine sites in general have many systems that are used to operate. These systems lack the ability to provide open frameworks to allow for integrated report views. Jump Mine Framework was designed in such a way to deal with these Mine systems, eliminating the need to understand integration. Jump pulls data directly from each system and captures the key Mine metrics in a Microsoft Common Data Model, allowing the Mine site to have a view across Mine operations (Milling, Mining, Exploration, Safety, Maintenance, etc).

Mine sites use a process known as Short Interval Control (SIC), allowing mining supervisors to manage tasks more efficiently. To be successful in applying SIC to Mine operations, management requires access to information that assists in setting and defining the Mine plan. In leveraging Jump’s Mine Framework, powered by Microsoft, the Mine GM and leadership team were able to adjust their Mine plan in accordance with near real time analytics that were made available to them.

Jump’s strategic partnership with Microsoft and Mine Analytics Framework was ultimately able to accelerate the Mine Analytics program across the client’s sites.

Jump also redesigned and developed an Exploration Dashboard that allowed near real time reporting on drill activity at individual mine sites. The team continues to work with the client to deploy the Dashboards and reports, making periodic updates to the Mine Analytics Framework to continuously grow the value of the solution.

After successfully deploying the Mine GM Dashboard and associated reports to mines in Canada, Jump has also turned its focus to Mexico and South America.

Streamlining data collection process

Jump was subsequently engaged by the customer to design, develop, and deploy the Microsoft Power BI Platform across all of its mine sites following the success of the initial deployments.

The client was then able to retire hundreds of spreadsheets while providing mine site executives and operators with the ability to report on critical key performance indicators tracking the performance of each mine site across its sites in near-real-time.

Using Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, Jump is also working to eliminate all manual data capture methods, and has provided the customer with a simple application to capture real time data using its employees mobile devices.

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