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Konsolute case study: Onboard

Solution built for the Microsoft ecosystem helps onboard remote workers

Onboarding guidance needed for the era of remote work

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have been thrust into remote-work arrangements, which has made onboarding more challenging.

A solution designed to integrate with Microsoft technology

Konsolute’s Onboard platform enables organizations to refine the onboarding experience, incorporating SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and Delve.

Personalizing and provisioning the experience for each new hire

With Onboard’s customization capabilities, companies can ensure their new employees have clarity in their roles and stay connected and engaged.

Konsolute, a Microsoft partner combining strategic consultancy and technical expertise

Based in London and founded by former Microsoft employees, Konsolute is a Microsoft gold partner that specializes in building solutions based on Microsoft technology stacks, such as Office 365 and Azure. Konsolute combines strategic consultancy with technical expertise to help organizations unlock opportunity through innovative technologies that transform productivity, increase automation, unlock insight, and stimulate business value.

Konsolute produces products and offers services across all aspects of an organization's Microsoft 365 tenancy, including cloud strategy, migration, optimization, and security. Konsolute uses SharePoint and Azure, and its products work with all Office 365 products. Onboard, available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, is Konsolute’s onboarding platform built for organizations consuming Microsoft 365.

Onboarding at a time when employees might not be able to meet in person

As the pandemic continues, many companies are engaging in remote work on a large scale for the first time. A poor onboarding process can spoil a new hire’s experience and diminish engagement in the company. Without proper onboarding, new employees can feel isolated, disengaged, and without an understanding of the expectations they are being held to.

Konsolute’s Onboard addresses this challenge by enabling a personalized onboarding experience. Onboard lets managers and administrators select specific induction sessions and videos based on the department, office, or manager to which each new hire is responsible. Onboard mitigates feelings of isolation by enabling an organization to introduce new hires to the relevant people and communities through Microsoft 365 services, such as Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Onboard uses information within Delve, such as skills and interests, to further enhance the recommended communities. The easy, intuitive, and highly configurable interface allows new hires to take in introductory videos, policies and procedures, recommended communities, and more.

With its dashboard feature, Onboard lets administrators closely monitor new hires’ progress through mandatory training procedures, ensuring they have spent an adequate amount of time engaging with and understanding the business’s critical processes and modes of operation. Onboard can also be used to help maintain clarity between new hires and their organization by regularly presenting employees with comprehensive onboarding materials, such as role descriptions and example tasks. Maintaining a structured onboarding process can foster engagement and integrate new employees into company culture from day one.

“Like Microsoft, our people-centric aim at Konsolute is to improve workplace efficiency, streamline business operations, and improve communication. Onboard does just this, through helping new employees immerse, understand, and comply with company culture and policy.”

— Ashkan Jabbari, CEO, Konsolute

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