Why One Commercial Partner executives can’t wait for Microsoft Inspire

上次修改时间 2018-06-12

After 21 years of attending the event, Gavriella Schuster, CVP of One Commercial Partner, and David Willis, CVP of US One Commercial Partner, sit down to chat about why this year’s Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas has them particularly excited. Find out what you can expect and get a sneak peek at some of the biggest highlights. Register today at inspire.microsoft.com.


Microsoft Inspire 使世界各地的合作伙伴、Microsoft 员工和行业专家齐聚一堂,共同展开为期一周的交际和学习。过去全球有近 18,000 人参加了此会议。回顾过去数年的精彩瞬间,同时利用 Microsoft Inspire 新闻和公告及时了解最新资讯。