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Our guest contributor for today’s blog is Muhammad Aurangzeb, Senior Partner Solution Architect. Bringing expertise in Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, Commerce and Power Platform workloads, he assists ISV/SI partners in building and curating IP solutions, supports co-sell activities, and provides technical guidance for the latest technologies and features in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying up to date with the latest technology and tools is crucial for success. The current wave of Copilots and AI-infused product roadmaps will require avid learners to review a lot of content to gain the right information and knowledge. At the same time, partners and customers are learning, experimenting, deploying, and refining these features quickly. This blog introduces ways in which you can fast-track your learning journey towards driving mainstream Copilot adoption, while also providing Microsoft resources to partners to help them scale their AI offerings as key differentiators for end customers.

We created Business Applications Copilot self-service personalized guidance to provide features’ introduction, overview videos, collateral for sales, how to configure and set up Copilots, as well support resources all at one place. We leveraged Microsoft Assessments, which is a self-service guided tool that helps partners and customers navigate through a series of questions and recommendations to obtain a curated guidance report that is both actionable and informative. These self-serve assessments are available to all partners and provide links to a wide range of resources, such as Microsoft Learn content, Microsoft Tech Talks, blogs, Yammer community groups, training boot camps, GitHub template resources, and more. The following assessments are designed to be particularly useful to Business Applications partners, regardless of specialization status, to assist in identifying knowledge gaps related to the latest features and tools available for role-specific tasks.

As a learner, you can start the assessment by selecting areas of interest choosing from Dynamics 365 workloads and Power Platform technologies. The assessment will then display topics and content related to your chosen topics of interest. Once you go through the selection, a view guidance page will provide corresponding collateral links that you can use to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

Dynamics 365 Copilot and AI innovation features adoption guidance
Target audience:
Architects, Business SMEs & Power Users, Implementation Consultants

This assessment focuses on educating partners and customers about the Dynamics 365 Copilot and its AI-infused features. It covers topics related to setting up, configuring, and using Copilot for implementations. The assessment provides personal guidance and access to resources to support the Copilot adoption journey.

Power Platform Copilot and AI innovation features adoption guidance
Target audience:
Low Code Citizen & Professional Developers, Power Platform Business Analyst, Dynamics 365 Consultants

The Power Platform Copilot and its AI-infused features are the focus of this assessment. It aims to raise awareness and enable partners and customers to set up, configure, and use Copilot for implementations. The assessment provides personal guidance and access to resources to support the Copilot adoption journey.

In a previous article titled “Level up your Dynamics 365 expertise with personalized assessments” we provided four additional assessments to help partners broaden their knowledge and skills related to Dynamics 365 finance and operations features and best practices.

This curated guidance covers Copilot and AI Innovation, general implementation and learning guidance on products to help learning teams get personalized recommendations on the most relevant resources available to enhance their capability and capacity and immediately start implementing best practices. Microsoft shared our Copilot Copyright Commitment that extends IP legal protection to enterprise customers who use our Copilot AI services. We encourage organizations to take advantage of these valuable resources, share feedback, and propose specific areas where they seek curated guidance on Microsoft Assessments. Further Business Applications partners who seek to build and enhance skillsets and differentiate their expertise for potential customers, consider earning Business Applications advance specializations.


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