Our guest contributor for today’s blog is Muhammad Aurangzeb, Senior Cloud Solution Architect. Bringing expertise in Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, Commerce and Power Platform workloads, he assists ISV/SI partners in building and curating IP solutions, supports co-sell activities, and provides technical guidance for the latest technologies and features in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. 

Dynamics 365 cloud services are rapidly adding new features, enhancements and value-add services for customers to get the most value from the latest technological advancements. For Microsoft partners, it is critically important to stay up to date and continuously incorporate these innovations into your solution and service offerings in order to help customers realize the best ROI on their digital transformation initiatives. However, we understand that as you prioritize customer engagements and running delivery operations, you may be hard pressed to dedicate personal learning time to fully research the latest guidance on products you use or to explore new features and cloud services.  

To help, we are introducing Microsoft Assessments that guide partners and customers through a series of questions and recommendations that result in a curated guidance report that is actionable and informative. More details can be found here

These self-serve assessments help partner teams broaden knowledge and skills related to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O) features and best practices, and leverage the broad set of resources available from Microsoft. They are designed to assist in identifying knowledge gaps related to the latest features and tools available for role-specific tasks. The personalized guidance resulting from an assessment provides links to a wide range of resources, such as Microsoft Learn content, Microsoft Tech Talks, blogs, Yammer community groups, training boot camps, Github template resources, and more — all of which will help your partner delivery team improve their skills.  

The following set of self-service assessments are specifically designed for business application ISV/SI partners working on Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, or Commerce workloads and cater to a variety of purposes, including: 

  • Presales enablement  
  • Publishing an offer or solution on AppSource 
  • Skilling consultants on features available in specific areas to support post go-live ERP implementations 
  • Discovering and enabling productivity features for end users 
  • Extending/creating new solutions on Power Platform 

Available assessments 

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations PreSales Excellence 

  • Target audience: Sales and technical presales teams 
  • This assessment aids partner sales and technical presales teams in determining effective sales methods and resources and will equip them with Microsoft-provided materials such as training, templates, presales collateral and more. 

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations AppSource Publication Excellence 

  • Target audience: Product owners, marketing and sales team members, AppSource solution publication team members 
  • This assessment covers checklists, guidance and tips for partners to publish and update solutions on AppSource, maximizing the benefits of the marketplace ecosystem. Additionally, the assessment guides partners on enabling offerings for co-sell readiness, prioritization and alignment with Microsoft cloud advancements. 

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Administration Excellence 

  • Target audience: Architects, business SMEs, technical consultants, support specialists 
  • This assessment covers topics pertaining to enablement and raising awareness among implementation teams on the features and options within the essential products for D365 Finance & Operations solution rollouts and administration. It provides personal guidance on familiarizing oneself with the features and using them to manage Dynamics 365 F&O instances. 

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Features Usage Excellence 

  • Target audience: Business SMEs, implementation consultants, support specialists, end users 
  • This assessment covers topics pertaining to product features that enhance productivity, increase usability and save time for end users. 

Power Platform Readiness for Building/Extending Solutions 

  • Target audience: Architects, SMEs, technical consultants 
  • This assessment helps partners evaluate their current comprehension of Power Platform, pre-requisites for setup, basic concept learning, resources needed to build, extend or connect Power Platform with 1st party and 3rd party applications, and how to leverage 1,000+ connectors to build low-code/no code applications for their customers or launch solutions on Microsoft AppSource. 

These assessments will not only help your team identify personalized growth areas for improving skills and knowledge, but will also immediately connect you with the most relevant resources available to enhance the capability and capacity of Business Applications consultants. As you browse these options, you can also share feedback and suggest additional topics for which you’d like Microsoft assessment guidance. We encourage you to share this information within your organization and start taking advantage of these valuable resources today! 


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