A collage of diverse individuals from around the world. Colorful #BuildFor2030 pixels surround them A collage of diverse individuals from around the world. Colorful #BuildFor2030 pixels surround them

Join the Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Initiative

Together we can accelerate innovation, changemaking, and collective impact, helping to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We’re proud to support partners making a difference.

Participation and benefits

Skill up for impact, build and publish to the Microsoft commercial marketplace, and accelerate growth with feature opportunities.

Learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by all United Nations member states in 2015, represent a shared and universal commitment to deliver on 17 ambitious Global Goals for peace and prosperity for people and the planet by 2030.

The United Nations Global Compact encourages businesses to adopt responsible policies and practices in human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. It aims to align business strategies and operations with ten global principles and the SDGs.


Be a changemaker

Changemaking is about accelerating your capacity for innovation. Changemakers identify a specific problem or opportunity to drive social impact, give themselves permission to do something about it, and use a combination of knowledge, resources, and determination to tackle it. Learn how organizations can develop a changemaking culture.


Gain resources to build for impact

We focus on themes of gender equality, climate action and sustainability, accessibility and disability inclusion, enabling nonprofits, and empowering communities. Grow your understanding and get resources.

Impact starts with bringing solutions to market

Discover offerings through ISV Success, the pathway for independent software vendors (ISVs) partnering with Microsoft to accelerate growth as you build, extend, and sell across the Microsoft cloud. Gain access to cloud credits, software license and developer tooling with GitHub and Visual Studio to scale your impact solutions.

Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact

Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact Microsoft Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact (EfPI) supports startups. ISVs, and digital natives to scale their technology to help solve our world's most pressing challenges. Selected companies will gain access to additional coaching and enablement support from EfPI and be eligible for unique opportunities from the Tech for Social Impact team. Nominations for the Spring 2025 Accelerator cohort (January - June) will open this fall.

Learn more about benefits and how to apply here.

Elevate your reach and impact

Differentiate with purpose by highlighting your innovations and the positive impact you’re making with customers and communities all around the world.

We are proud to showcase changemaking role models, business leadership and innovative impact solutions via Microsoft channels, such as events, blogs, social posts, community forums, and the marketplace.

Nominate for #BuildFor2030 feature opportunities.

Be discovered as a social impact and diverse-owned business

Partners may attest as a social impact or diverse-owned business in Partner Center and upload relevant disclosures and certifications, such as UN Global Compact, B-Corp etc., and be discovered on Microsoft seller tools and on AppSource. Availability varies by region.

Learn more about requirements and how to attest.

A portrait of a woman smiling, surrounding her are colorful #BuildFor2030 pixels A portrait of a woman smiling, surrounding her are colorful #BuildFor2030 pixels

Accelerating our collective impact

Learn more about our partners and their transformational solutions and services that are enabling a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world.

#BuildFor2030 themes

We focus on five themes, inspired by the UN SDGs, to support partners making a difference.

Gender equality

Celebrating women-led businesses and solutions that create more equal participation, economic access, and opportunities at all levels in work and life for women and girls.

Solution showcase
Discover featured solutions from women-led businesses driving positive business outcomes.
Celebrating trailblazers
Join Julie Sanford in celebrating our collective progress with women-led innovation.
Now on-demand
Hear from partners participating in #BuildFor2030 on how they’re benefitting from the initiative.
Get resources to support gender equity solutions and women-led innovation.

Climate action and sustainability

Solutions that address environmental challenges faced by customers and industries across the globe toward a net-zero carbon future.

Solution showcase
Discover featured solutions that are accelerating a sustainable future.
Creating a sustainable future
Stay up to date on Microsoft industry cloud solutions for sustainability.
Now on-demand
Learn about the unique partner opportunity to help meet the sustainability needs of customers.
Get resources to support climate action and sustainability solutions for a more sustainable future.

Accessibility and disability inclusion

Accessible technology and solutions that enable inclusive experiences for more than a billion people living with disabilities.

Solution showcase
Discover featured solutions that are empowering an inclusive and accessible world.
Enabling a shared approach
Hear from Nicole Dezen on advancing accessibility impact through global partnerships.
Now on-demand
Learn about how assistive technology and disability inclusion drives business value.
Get resources to support accessibility and disability inclusion solutions for a more inclusive world.

Enabling the nonprofit sector

Solutions that enable the nonprofit sector to achieve scalable and measurable mission impact.

Solution showcase
Discover featured solutions that are helping nonprofits transform and scale mission impact.
Accelerating the missions of nonprofits
Join Justin Spelhaug in recognizing partners helping nonprofits to transform and scale their mission impact.
Now on-demand
Learn how you can accelerate the missions of nonprofits and grow your business with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.
Get resources to support enabling nonprofits and solutions that help scale their mission impact.

Empowering communities

Solutions that strengthen our institutions; create more equitable access to health, education, and social services; and support resilient communities.

Solution showcase
Explore featured solutions that are building more resilient communities.
Building more resilient communities
Join Angela Heise in recognizing partners that are building more resilient communities, together.
Now on-demand
Learn how to deliver innovative solutions to help governments address resilience, sustainability, equity, and accessibility.
Get resources to support solutions that empower communities for a more resilient future.


Who is eligible to participate in the #BuildFor2030 Initiative?

All members of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program with a valid PartnerID who are developing or have developed a solution or service that supports at least one of the #BuildFor2030 themes are eligible for the initiative. If you haven’t already joined the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, get started here.

How do I participate in the initiative?
Submit your information to get connected to resources and feature opportunities via our nomination form.

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