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Sourced Group case study

Sourced Group helps Canadian bank migrate business-critical Pega apps to Microsoft Azure

A large bank needed to migrate key apps to the cloud

The bank uses Pega apps to optimize customer interactions, but hosting the apps on 250+ servers on-premises was causing capacity constraints and adding complexity.

A secure, three-tier solution built on Microsoft Azure

Sourced Group helped the bank design a repeatable solution to enable quick and secure Pega app migrations to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Improved response time and flexibility, reduced cost and complexity

With Microsoft Azure, the bank can deploy new Pega platforms in hours rather than days, run large-batch computations, and achieve greater agility.

“By partnering with Microsoft, we were able to not only address the flexibility and scalability challenges facing the bank's on-premise implementation of Pega Platform but also fundamentally modernize its approach to managing business critical applications. By instrumenting Microsoft Azure with principles that include DevOps, disposable infrastructure and Infrastructure as Code, our client has been able to realize compounding benefits well beyond a simple infrastructure re-platforming exercise.”

—Pedram Sanayei, Principal Consultant, Sourced Group

Delivering a repeatable solution

With one successful Pega migration under their belt, the bank and Sourced immediately began planning for the future. They knew there would be more Pega migrations to come as the bank grew and its needs evolved, so they set out to build an automated deployment solution to generate repeatable, scalable, and secure environments, using the first migration as a template.

Sourced leveraged its experience in delivering Cloud at Scale™ solutions and knowledge of regulated environments to deliver a repeatable, end-to-end solution. They codified security, availability, and operational concerns into reusable components and templates so bank engineers could quickly deploy resources that met organizational controls and requirements.

Because security certificates are prevalent in this solution, Sourced automated the management of secret information with Microsoft Azure Key Vault. Limiting manual access to secrets, such as credentials and private keys, improved the security posture of the environment and reduced the risk of human error. But, as is the case with most new technology implementations, this required the bank to devise new business processes to manage them. Sourced worked closely with the bank’s security teams to implement processes for managing these new secrets and with additional teams to build the cloud computing skills necessary to manage the bank’s new Azure-based solutions.

Making an impact today and tomorrow

Sourced’s scalable, repeatable Pega migration solution has helped the bank achieve greater flexibility and cost reductions while fundamentally changing the way in which it approaches implementing new technology. With this modernized approach to cloud migrations, the bank can now deploy a new Pega platform in hours rather than days.

Looking ahead, Sourced and the bank have big plans for the future:

  1. Examine and update every Pega application within the bank’s environment.
  2. Stabilize to Pega 8.3 and explore additional modern hosting options such as Microsoft Azure Application Service and Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. By moving from IaaS to PaaS, the bank would simplify its architecture and unlock many operational benefits.
  3. Eliminate 250+ on-premises servers to increase application isolation and environment reliability while introducing transparent billing.
  4. Pursue other optimization opportunities to reduce costs via auto-scaling and Microsoft Azure Reserved VM Instances, allowing the bank to further strengthen its business case around a holistic move of Pega to the cloud.

Together, Sourced, the bank, and Microsoft Azure are paving the way for cloud modernization in the financial services industries.

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