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Wipro case study

Wipro transforms organizations into intelligent enterprises with analytics and AI-powered solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform

Businesses want to leverage advanced analytics and AI to improve their operations, but it can be cost-prohibitive to do alone

Organizations around the world know that they can use their data to make better decisions, but generating key insights with analytics and AI requires deep expertise.

Finding a powerful partner in Wipro

Wipro helps clients adapt to the digital world and leverage the Microsoft stack, including advanced analytics, AI, and Microsoft Azure, to reach better business outcomes.

The “2D” approach: delight the consumer and drive operational efficiency

By helping clients innovate every step of the way during their digital transformation, Wipro is dedicated to improving the customer experience while optimizing business operations.

Wipro is a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company. Using analytics, cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, and emerging technologies, Wipro helps clients adapt to the digital world and to reach better business outcomes.

Wipro is a pioneer in the field of data and analytics and has been providing highly relevant services for more than 20 years. The company has infused analytics and AI services into its approach to enable the “Intelligent Enterprise”—one that’s digital, supported by actionable insights, and powered by curated data to derive greater business value. And also, one which has the ability to surprise and delight customers and employees alike.

“We look at customers’ business processes with two goals: increasing customer satisfaction and driving operational efficiencies,” says Pushpa Ramachandran, Head of Strategy and Planning, Platforms & Solutions for Data, Analytics & AI at Wipro. “We don’t see this is an either/or proposition. It has to be both/and—and it can be because we innovate every step of the journey. We take a design thinking approach and frequently recommend an analytics and AI augmentation to help customers make better decisions faster.”

Analytics and AI solving business problems

Wipro sees analytics and AI as a way to enhance the value of data services for customers through practical analytics and AI applications that solve business problems. Its consultants and technology experts help customers envision “the art of the possible” and ensure that analytics and AI solutions are delivering tangible business outcomes.

To that end, Wipro created industry-specific blueprints for the intelligent enterprise, to guide customers as they envision potential process transformations focused on buyer personas, creating an end-to-end digital experience. The company has a two-pronged strategy centered on “2D”—Delight the consumer and Drive operational efficiency. That is, solutions should make people's lives easier, even as they solve business problems.

To strengthen its offerings, Wipro introduced AI Lab and Power BI Dashboard Factory through Topcoder, its crowdsourcing platform, which hosts over 1.4 million data scientists and analytics professionals. The Power BI Dashboard Factory is a differentiated offering for high-volume production factories that deliver dashboards on a per unit, fixed-price menu. AI Squad is another initiative that enables Wipro to build competency and solution-focused teams to develop competencies and solutions.

Wipro and Microsoft’s strategic partnership

A longtime Microsoft partner, Wipro has been collaborating closely with Microsoft on data and analytics services for the past 15 years. Wipro has a long history and deep expertise across Microsoft’s portfolio of data and analytics products, including SQL Server, Power BI, and the Azure cloud. The company’s flagship solutions—Wipro HOLMES, an analytics and AI automation platform, and the Data Discovery Platform—were built on the Azure platform in close collaboration with Microsoft.

“When you look at the last three to four years, the focus has really started moving more towards Azure as a unified ecosystem,” says Kunal Turakhia, Head of Decisions Science practice for Data, Analytics & AI at Wipro. “And as we’ve seen Azure mature, a lot more efficiencies have come in for our customers. We use the whole analytics toolset that Azure provides and augment it with the deep expertise of our architects and consultants to recommend the right toolset to solve the specific business problem. Many of our customers who have moved their applications onto Azure want to add analytics or AI, whether it’s machine learning, Cognitive Services, or knowledge mining using the Azure tool stack.”

Microsoft has recognized Wipro’s leadership in the analytics, data and AI space several times, with achievements such as Data & AI Innovation Partner of the Year and Microsoft Gold Cloud & Data Analytics platform partner.

Driving actionable insights for global customers

Wipro has been working with customers across multiple industries to drive actionable insights with analytics and AI solutions. These include:

A medical device manufacturer engaged Wipro to unlock the value of organizational data—for its customers and employees and on its products, through machine learning and reporting. Data and machine learning algorithms are being leveraged to proactively service and maintain manufacturing equipment, ensure optimal availability of technical service staff to improve customer service SLAs. Ideas on innovation are identified from customer request and complaint data and many more applications.

A business cafeteria retailer is working with Wipro to create a pricing recommendation engine that uses machine learning techniques to help optimize prices across its locations.

A water utility company in Australia engaged Wipro to transform its legacy systems, including operational technology, data, and business intelligence, to comply with regulatory requirements, improve customer service, and be nimble. Wipro is also implementing water management use cases using machine learning, analytics, and AI.

Promising growth through innovation

Looking ahead, Wipro sees several opportunities to deepen its strategic partnership with Microsoft and continue to explore applications of analytics and AI that solve business challenges.

“Customers across the industries need analytics and AI-powered digital capabilities to stay competitive and drive business value,” says Simran Sachar, Analytics & AI Director, Microsoft One Commercial Partner. “Our analytics and AI partnership with Wipro is bringing together our capabilities and value proposition to solve customers’ business problems and deliver superior experience and outcomes together.”

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