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Skill your own way for a more profitable future

As a Microsoft partner, unlock training and certification resources to build the skills you need today—and the expertise to achieve more tomorrow.

New resources for learning and technical help

Visit the Partner Business Operations Community Events page to register for operational webinars with subject matter experts.

Choose your role, find your format

Discover the right learning path for you, including always-on, self-serve training and scheduled, instructor-led courses and events.

Explore technical training that works for you

Customize an interactive and goal-focused learning path

Follow a curated learning path or combine individual building blocks of knowledge. No matter how you choose to learn, we’ll help you develop your skills, deepen your technical knowledge, pursue certifications, and advance your career.

Control when and how you learn

Explore Cloud Fundamentals for Partners
Cloud Fundamentals for Partners builds your foundational technical knowledge and prepares you for fundamental certifications: Azure, Business Applications, Security, and Modern Work.
Engage with Cloud Weeks for Partners
Prepare for advanced role-based certifications during this one-week event—which also helps you meet Microsoft Cloud Partner Program skilling requirements.
Tap into Microsoft Learn
Explore topics through guided learning paths and demonstrate your achievements through industry-recognized Microsoft certifications—all at your own pace.
Access Virtual Training Days
Grow technical skills and maximize your time with free, in-depth virtual training. These weekly events cover all skill levels and a range of technical topics.
Navigate the technical training library
Choose a product, role, skill level, industry, solution area, or solution play. The Technical Training Gallery pinpoints the specific learning assets that deliver the knowledge you need.
Review partner enablement guides
Use technical and sales guides across Azure, Modern Work, Business Applications, and Security to unlock useful resources and prepare for role-based exams.

Follow your own sales training journey

Every organization, role, and skill level is different—so create a sales training journey customized to you

With access to on-demand, hybrid, and in-person learning resources and opportunities, learn how to start the conversation, solve customer challenges, and showcase real-time customer benefits.

Be your own guide when it comes to sales training

Discover Sales Bootcamps
Explore how to sell and position Microsoft Azure, Business Applications, Security, and Modern Work cloud solutions—and accelerate the cloud customer journey.
Learn about the Partner Sales Acceleration Program (PSAP)
Sales training needs to suit your sales role and skill level. On-demand PSAP training journeys equip everyone on your team with solid sales strategies to “get to yes.”
Coming soon—explore the Sales Skill-Up Series for partners
The Sales Skill-Up Series examines common sales topics such as selling with Microsoft, cloud economics, and more. Stay tuned into the monthly webinar releases for new insight and guidance.
Get started with the sales training library
Build a sales training journey that works for your needs and schedule. With always-on access to proven sales resources, you can navigate the sales moments that matter.
Review partner enablement guides
Evolving technologies require continuous sales learning. Enablement guides offer a quick view of upcoming training opportunities and sales resources.
Explore the technical training library
Find trainings aligned to solution areas, roles, industry types, and more in our training gallery—so you can develop the skills you need most.

Strengthen your career with certification paths

Keep certifications and compliance current

Learn on your terms to discover new growth opportunities

Obtain the skills you need, on your schedule. Explore these self-serve Microsoft training resources to keep learning and growing.