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Modernising the App Estate with Azure and Power Apps

Our research tells us 70% of customers across Australia and New Zealand are looking to retire or replace their app estate in the next two years. This presents a significant opportunity for partners to help your customers navigate the uncertainty around modernisation and find the development path that’s right for their needs.

Resources to get you started

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Read the blog to learn more about the key considerations for app modernisation in 2023.

Data points visual

Share the customer-ready infographic with 5 reasons to modernise your app estate in 2023.

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Present the opportunity and next steps to your customers using this presentation deck.

Want to learn more? Watch our webinar on-demand to explore the opportunity, a deep dive on our playbook, as well as best-practice partner insights.

Success stories

Blackmores office

Learn how Blackmores Group is creating innovative new solutions, using Power Apps, to support its employees and accelerate growth.

Man standing in front of Priceline store

Priceline used Microsoft Power Apps to build its Heart in Hand app, which provides transparency about sales at a consolidated, group, or individual store level.

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