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My Insights dashboard

This one-stop dashboard gives a full view of your Microsoft partnership.

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Get the full picture

The My Insights dashboard makes it easy to quickly see your membership and competency status, competency progress, benefit consumption, and cloud product subscriptions and usage. See how you can increase insights into your business and customers—all in one convenient location.

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Discover your dashboard

You now have a cohesive data and analytics platform at your fingertips.

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Partners in success

As our partner, we want to ensure you’re receiving all the insights, help, and tools you need to grow your business.

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Digital Partner of Record

The Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) program is where partners earn cloud-based competencies and benefits.

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Need help?

Get assistance and options to get support for partner programs, presales, products, agreements, billing, services, and development.

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Product licenses and use terms

For partners with a competency or action pack, showcase your solutions to customers.