Our guest contributor for today’s blog is Niels Jensen, Partner Strategy Lead for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain.

Digital transformation is ever-present across all industries, driving immeasurable change in how we engage with customers and how our products and services facilitate business growth and opportunities. Transformation can be challenging, but it’s a must-do to ensure resiliency and remain competitive. To enable this transformation, we have developed Microsoft Catalyst for Partners, an innovative approach to help businesses build and achieve their most ambitious priorities.

Free and on-demand, the Microsoft Catalyst Partner Training is available to all Microsoft Business Applications partners—actually, any Microsoft partner with a Partner ID. Completion of the training will help you execute the Catalyst-driven activities with your customers.

Registration is open now! Register for FY23 Microsoft Catalyst Partner Training and become accredited by taking the on-demand course today.

What is Microsoft Catalyst for Partners?

Microsoft Catalyst for Partners is a customer engagement journey that you can use to help businesses conceive and realize business transformation. Employing the full breadth of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and the Microsoft Cloud, this interactive program is based on our IDEA framework which encapsulates proven service offerings across four key areas:

Inspire is about solution envisioning, in which you engage and build trustful business relationships with Business Decision Makers by working together in design-led thinking Envisioning Workshops. Here, you imagine and define the future state of their business.

Design comprises of the Business Value and Solution Assessments. You and your customer start to prioritize their key initiatives to reach their desired digital transformation goals, quantifying the potential business and technological impact of organizational change as well as aligning business value goals to technology with a solution roadmap.

Empower brings the vision to life by creating a Solution Demo, including visual assets and immersive experiences that can be leveraged to amplify the transformative digital approach.

Achieve shifts the conversation from envisioning to execution. In this final phase, you develop a Deal-Crafted Proposal that facilitates change and accelerates technical deployment of the solution.

Benefits of the Microsoft Catalyst Partner Training

The Microsoft Catalyst Partner Training helps you:

  • Increase deal size and win rate, close deals faster, and co-sell more effectively by leveraging the IDEA framework used by Microsoft sellers.
  • Build trust with Business Decision Makers through the Catalyst design-led thinking approach, helping them shape the future state of their business and identify how to deliver on their vision.
  • Execute Catalyst principles to accelerate customers’ digital transformation, helping you and your customer identify needs and opportunities that can span across solutions in the One Microsoft Cloud, differentiating you from the competition.
  • Catalyst will enable you to move the conversation from a product or a solution to solving one or more business challenges, opening the discussion to produce creative and meaningful ways to modernize your customer’s business throughout their digital transformation journey.

Build, plan, and execute business strategies with Microsoft Catalyst for Partners

Organizations are looking for a partner to help them evaluate how digital transformation can enable business resiliency and growth. Microsoft Catalyst for Partners was designed with this purpose in mind.

Register for Microsoft Catalyst Partner Training to learn more. Feel free to enroll at any time and complete the training at your own pace. 


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