Maximize Sales Impact Marketing Campaign

Last Modified 2024-05-30

Maximize Sales Impact with Dynamics 365 (SMB) campaign in a box

This campaign is designed for cloud service providers (CSPs) and service providers with specifications in CRM adoption, change management, and modern work capabilities. Download the "Maximize Sales Impact with Dynamics 365 (SMB)" through-partner campaign that equips you with the digital go-to-market (GTM) resources and assets to accelerate sales with your SMB customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. This campaign includes co-branded and highly customizable assets such as a new e-book, infographics, social media posts, emails, blogs, web banners, and thought leadership materials to nurture leads and activate new sales opportunities. Additionally, you can access training and learning assets to increase your sales team's understanding of the available Dynamics 365 features and offers. Download the campaign Execution Guide to learn more and start customizing the assets to launch this campaign.