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TwoConnect case study

TwoConnect delivers dynamic integration across functions with Salesforce and Azure

The challenges of sharing data across a global enterprise

A large truck leasing company wanted to upgrade its technology to manage its infrastructure of maintenance facilities and warehouses.

Delivering a flexible customer engagement experience

TwoConnect identified business integration needs and delivered an automated Salesforce integration solution on Microsoft Azure.

Bridging the gap with Salesforce integration

TwoConnect’s Salesforce and Azure Logic Apps integration reduces time spent relaying data and improves response times across locations.

Small truck leasing business grows into a leading international company

Based in Miami, Florida, TwoConnect has been a Microsoft Gold-certified partner since 1995 and has led hundreds of integration implementations covering all major industry sectors. TwoConnect simplifies modern software development through its team of Microsoft MVPs, Azure developers, development managers, trainers, and a worldwide community of integration partners.

What started as a small truck leasing business in the 1930s is now a major full-service truck leasing organization and Fortune 500 company with annual revenues of more than $6 billion. The company operates behind the scenes, managing critical fleet, transportation, and supply chain functions for more than 50,000 customers, many of whom make the products consumers use every day.

As one of North America’s leading truck lessors, the company maintains an expansive infrastructure of call centers, maintenance facilities, and warehouses. Due to ongoing growth, the company needed assistance streamlining and managing communications and process flows across its global call centers, warehouses, and repair facilities.

TwoConnect’s Salesforce solution and Azure Logic Apps provide dynamic integration across functions

TwoConnect was engaged to build an Azure Integration Services application, resulting in a flexible, automated Salesforce solution that makes it easy to fully integrate Salesforce with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), XML, and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) line of business applications. With Azure Logic Apps and Salesforce, the company can now automate tasks and workflows that greatly improve overall business efficiencies.

The simplified, accelerated Salesforce integration and seamless message transfer bridged the gap among warehouse, call centers, and repair shops, enabling the company's employees to communicate and react to evolving business needs in real time.

“TwoConnect has the Microsoft MVPs who really know modern integration. Our Salesforce integration solution is the natural step toward a complete cloud service-based IT platform. We helped the customer achieve its goal by enabling faster interaction among people and processes across the entire enterprise. As a result, they achieved personalized customer engagement that enables them to build stronger customer partnerships and achieve their strategic goals,” said Javier Mariscal, President, TwoConnect.

TwoConnect’s Salesforce solution provided exactly what its client needed – to communicate among critical operations and applications across the enterprise, to increase productivity, and to enable time to be reinvested into improving business processes rather than dealing with system delays and slow response times.

"TwoConnect provided a simplified yet dynamic Salesforce solution using Azure Integration Services. Using Azure Logic Apps and Salesforce, the company achieved the ability to automate repetitive tasks, streamline communication and workflows, and seamlessly send and receive data."

—Rey Diaz, Director of Professional Services, TwoConnect

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