Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration (IWIM)

Last Modified 2022-03-09

Below is a collection of partner resources for delivering Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration (IWIM). IWIM is a 1-day hands-on workshop for TDMs and ITPros which focuses on the value, process and tools involved migrating server instances to Azure. The workshops are partner-delivered, focus on high-propensity customer accounts, and ultimately drive server migration pipeline growth & acceleration, potentially leading to the Azure Migration Program (AMP). IWIM provides participants with both the knowledge and skills to migrate on-premises infrastructure such as Windows Servers and Linux Servers, running line of business applications and their associated database tier to Azure with confidence. The workshop covers both the technical aspects along with guidance on process, people, and governance (Cloud Adoption Framework). During the delivery, organizations will learn about the value of implementing a landing zone, design and implement their first landing zone, and then leverage Azure Migrate to move a simple application to Azure during the hands-on lab portion of the workshop.