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Unlock the power of Microsoft branding

Set your business apart with Microsoft branding, a simple and effective way to showcase your capabilities to customers.

Stand out and earn trust with customers

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Align your brand with Microsoft

Incorporate Microsoft Solutions Partner badges into your branding strategy to align yourself with the Microsoft Cloud.
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Differentiate your business

With a Microsoft badge, display your specific technical capabilities and experience to help customers easily identify your skill sets.
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Instill customer confidence

Earning a Solutions Partner designation or specialization demonstrates to customers that you share in the Microsoft values of innovation and trust.

Discover what you can create with Logo Builder

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Create a partner logo

Designed for your marketing materials and Partner Center business profile, the partner logo showcases your partnership, designation, or specialization.
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Create a certified letter

Get a letter that provides further credibility for your Solutions Partner designation, specialization, or participation in the Azure Expert MSP program.
A box that reads “Microsoft Partner” with the Microsoft logo

Create a Partner of the Year Award logo

Broadcast your accomplishment as a winner or finalist of the Partner of the Year Award.

Highlight your capabilities as a Microsoft partner

Start with a Microsoft Action Pack for your Microsoft branded logo

Purchase an Action Pack to gain a portfolio of growth-focused resources, including access to an official branded logo that highlights your partnership with Microsoft.

Showcase your success in Microsoft solution areas with a Solutions Partner badge

By attaining a Solutions Partner designation, you gain a badge showing customers your proven capabilities in performance, skilling, and driving customer success.

Build customer confidence in your expertise with a badge for specializations

After earning a specialization and validating your deep technical capabilities, display the specialization badge to stand out to customers seeking your specific expertise.

Be recognized as an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP)

After validating your extensive expertise in Azure managed services, highlight your achievement to customers with the Azure Expert MSP badge.

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