Requirement change in the CSP channel

We’re introducing a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) revenue requirement for indirect resellers, effective April 1, 2024. Learn more about this change and the actions required to meet the new requirement.

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Accelerate your growth as a Cloud Solution Provider

Create unique solutions for your customers, establish recurring income streams, and manage the entire customer engagement cycle by becoming a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner. Existing CSP partners can sign in to access the latest updates and resources.

Stay up to date on Cloud Solution Provider opportunities

Stay informed on the latest news, trainings, and resources to help you grow your CSP business. Bookmark this resource hub and check back for ways to enhance your practice.

Become a trusted advisor to your customers

CSP partners work with customers beyond the transaction, delivering value-added solutions built for each customer’s specific needs.

Get the latest news and updates

Access monthly CSP announcements and key resources. Explore changes related to the new commerce experience (NCE), helpful guides, and courses designed to grow your business.
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Expand your revenue

CSP partners have access to our unmatched cloud technology portfolio, which they use to build unique offerings. Cross-sell or upsell your quality solutions to customers.
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Create purpose-built solutions

Deepen your offerings by integrating your own value-added services alongside our comprehensive cloud and AI technology, as well as third-party solutions from the commercial marketplace.
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Tap into the Microsoft ecosystem

Join the industry-leading Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program and use the powerful Microsoft tech ecosystem to access key benefits, deliver quality solutions, and grow your business.
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Own the full customer lifecycle

Take charge of the end-to-end customer experience to guide each customer’s purchasing process and build credibility as a trusted advisor.

Migrate your legacy CSP subscriptions today

Take action and migrate legacy CSP commercial subscriptions to CSP new commerce. Microsoft-led migrations start in January 2024.

Customers save with Azure savings plan for compute

Partners can now purchase the Azure savings plan for compute in Partner Center and maximize savings.

Download the AI Transformation Partner Playbook

Start your AI practice and take advantage of partnering in the era of AI. Build, grow, and scale your AI Center of Excellence.

Choose the option that’s right for you

Partners can participate as a Cloud Solution Provider in two ways: as an indirect reseller or a direct bill partner. Learn about each model to select the one that best fits your business.

Tap into partner incentives

Cloud Solution Providers who meet eligibility criteria can earn rebates as a reward for growing CSP revenue with new and existing customers. Explore the benefits below.

Accelerate your go-to-market with less complexity and cost

As an indirect reseller, you work with indirect providers who offer tools and resources to help you manage your customer relationships. While you maintain a relationship with Microsoft, you purchase from an indirect provider who collaborates with you on customer support and billing. This model is recommended for most partners, and you can get started with the following steps.

Step 1: Join the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program
Upon joining, you’ll receive a Partner ID for your business location that will be used to enroll as a CSP partner.
Step 2: Enroll as a Cloud Solution Provider
Submit the enrollment form, pass business vetting, and accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) to activate your Partner Center tenant.
Step 3: Find indirect providers
Connect with an indirect provider who can help you accelerate business growth and support your CSP strategies.

Take charge of the customer lifecycle

Direct bill partners own the end-to-end customer engagement, including pre- and post-sales support. In this model, partners purchase cloud and on-premises offers from Microsoft and sell them directly to customers. Partners who have developed the required infrastructure and capabilities—as well as custom solutions—may apply for this option, which allows them to manage customers autonomously. Get started with the following steps.

Step 1: Complete the application form
Provide information about your company and verify that you meet the direct bill requirements for revenue, capabilities, and customer support.
Step 2: Complete the capabilities assessment
You’ll be contacted by a third-party consultant for an assessment interview covering areas such as managed services, security, compliance, and provisioning infrastructure.
Step 3: Enroll, pass approvals, and accept the MPA
Once you pass the assessment and receive additional Microsoft approvals, you’ll enroll, complete vetting and credit approval, and accept the MPA to activate your tenant.
Earning opportunity
Direct bill partners
Indirect providers
Indirect resellers
Core incentives
Standard incentive paid to CSP transacting partner as a percentage of CSP billed revenue
Most benefits
Most benefits
Most benefits
Customer add accelerators
Additional incentive paid to CSP transacting partner once a customer’s billed revenue rises above a defined threshold
Most benefits
Most benefits
Strategic product accelerators
Additional incentive paid to CSP transacting partner for sales of select strategic products, paid in addition to core incentives
Most benefits
Most benefits
Most benefits
Azure reservation incentives*
Standard incentive paid to CSP transacting partner as a percentage of the customer’s Azure consumption revenue on an Azure reservation
Most benefits
Most benefits
Most benefits
Commercial marketplace incentives
Standard incentive paid to CSP partners transacting eligible third-party offers through Partner Center or Azure portal
Most benefits
Most benefits

Accelerate business growth with a partnership built for you

Explore key resources available to help Cloud Solution Provider partners grow, sell, and go to market—all in our updated guidebook.

Key resources

Explore resources purpose-built for you
Review the guidebook for Cloud Solution Providers to learn about your CSP authorization and discover how to drive growth with the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program.
Connect with other partners
Join a community of fellow CSP partners and Microsoft experts to find answers to your questions and stay up to date on announcements.
Find a premium support plan that works for you
Microsoft offers the support you need to drive your business forward. Compare the benefits of available plans to determine the best one for your organization.
Drive business value with Partner Center Insights
Gain insights on customers’ statuses, view your KPIs, improve your customer targeting, and maximize revenue opportunity with the Partner Center Insights dashboard.

Learn how partners foster valuable customer connections

Explore the ways CSPs have served as trusted advisors to their customers, unlocking profitability for businesses and expanding their own capabilities.
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Crayon transforms a key customer’s CSP business

The accomplished IT services company created a path for fellow Microsoft partner Cegid to transition from a direct bill CSP partner to an indirect reseller.
Several stacked shipping containers Several stacked shipping containers

Bytes leads Azure migration for a tech company

When Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) struggled to manage its multiple IT systems, Bytes served as a trusted advisor to help OTG seek a unified solution.
A person smiling while holding paperwork A person smiling while holding paperwork

IFI Techsolutions delivers digital transformation

As a CSP partner, IFI Techsolutions directed a team of Microsoft partners to bring a customer’s digital infrastructure to the cloud—without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Differentiate your skills in key solution areas

Stand out to customers with Solutions Partner designations and specializations, which are anchored on the Microsoft Cloud in six in-demand solution areas.