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Theom's AI integrations make for a smooth, safe transformation

Theom’s data and AI governance and security solution helps businesses earn and keep trust in a challenging market.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, so does our sensitive data—from bank accounts and health records to product strategies and trade secrets. While the data landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, cybersecurity threats are evolving just as fast. For many organizations, protection against these threats requires both high visibility and governance over data—and protection of cloud data is critical. 

For Theom, an AI-driven data access governance and security platform, data protection is the foundation of their mission. Working with mid-market and enterprise companies, they focus on identity and access behaviors to detect active attacks on data clouds and lakehouses, preventing breaches before their customers lose valuable time, money, and perhaps most importantly, customer trust. 

“Especially in the age of generative AI, it's incredibly important to ensure that you know who’s accessing your data, and what they're doing with it,” said Grace Rotondo, Theom’s Director of Routes to Market.

The right solution for the challenge

Theom is backed by M12 and part of the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program, which provides startups with resources to accelerate innovation and growth. Since 2020, they’ve been actively building with technology like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Entra ID, Azure Open AI, Azure Databricks, and Microsoft Teams to bring their customers solutions in the tech, financial, transportation, and healthcare industries.

One of Theom’s guiding principles is to ensure no data leaves their customer’s jurisdiction. Theom’s AI stack automatically detects insider threats and attacks on data with high precision. Analyzing the attacker’s interaction with the data, Theom tracks the attack against the MITRE ATT&CK framework—from initial reconnaissance to the final act of data theft. As a member of the Microsoft Intelligence Security Association (MISA), Theom natively integrates with Microsoft products, like Sentinel and Teams, to stop data breaches before they can occur. Another focus is helping customers understand where they use existing technology effectively and how they might improve.

“[We’re] detecting, preventing, and remediating threats while minimizing human effort and leveraging AI. Every company wants to do more with fewer resources, so they're building out gen AI systems to improve efficiency. However, these systems need to be safe and governed,” said Navindra Yadav, CEO and co-founder of Theom. “So Theom comes along and puts guardrails in place around their gen AI systems, or any system for that matter, so that those systems don’t become business liabilities.” 

Through their work, Theom helps customers overcome challenges to increase revenue, grow their brand reputation, and remain compliant with policies wherever they do business. Even if a customer has a complex data environment (such as a data mesh), Theom automates compliance with their data contract. This helps customers save millions of dollars in penalties, data leaks from the mesh, and unused licenses. 

“[Savings] stem from a mix of mitigated insider risks, averted data breaches, reduced hours spent on security, governance, compliance tasks, and data contract license cost and fine reductions,” said Yadav. “All these benefits were realized within a few months of implementing Theom. In fact, according to our customers, the investment in Theom is often recouped within a single quarter.”

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“Especially in the age of generative AI, it's incredibly important to ensure that you know who’s accessing your data and what they're doing with it.”

–Grace Rotondo, Director, Routes to Market, Theom

Protecting data, wherever it’s stored and used

Despite the global movement of data to the cloud, managing and securing that data remains a challenge for many organizations. Theom’s solution runs within an organization’s trusted cloud environment, working with their existing security controls and systems to secure the data wherever it goes—without adding a new workflow or tool to their tech stack. 

“Most companies don't want to teach their employees to learn yet another tool. They want most of these products or tools to run in the background because their employees have been trained on existing products,” said Yadav. “So Theom’s data and AI security and governance transparently integrates within their existing products and workflows wherever possible.”

Because Theom’s solution works within existing platforms and tools, companies can automate tasks and free up their data access governance and security teams to focus on more valuable work.

“We had a customer that needed to create monthly reports about their sensitive data—where it’s located, the people and systems who accessed it, and what they used their access for,” Yadav said. “For three or four days each month, the team was building out these reports. Now, that team is helping accelerate the AI side of the business, and Theom does the grunt work and automates the reports to identify and flag compliance issues. Those human beings can actually align themselves better with the business and drive business growth.”

Two people walking down a hallway Two people walking down a hallway

“[Savings] stem from a mix of mitigated insider risks, averted data breaches, reduced hours spent on security, governance, compliance tasks, and data contract license cost and fine reductions.”

–Navindra Yadav, CEO and Co-Founder, Theom

Partnering for success

Whether it’s data tracking, compliance issues, or security concerns, Theom finds that their customers are all facing similar challenges and can adapt their solutions to meet a combination of needs. But they aren’t going for the hard sell, either.

If Theom finds they can assist on ten different projects for a company, Yadav will ask: “What’s one or two things that you really want us to solve for?” And taking their time with each customer means they can repeat integrations to assist others.

Theom wants to secure customer data while utilizing it in ways that propel customers’ businesses forward. But an important aspect of Theom’s work is to keep it simple and focused.

“[With our integrations] people have one view for the entire fleet of machines,” said Yadav. “It's not just about their data, it's about their endpoints.”

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