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Become a Microsoft CityNext partner

Microsoft CityNext can help you capitalize on the growing smart city opportunity by helping you sell your cross-industry solutions to local and regional governments. Create new opportunities and accelerate your business value by developing solutions that enable Cities to meet ever-evolving citizen needs while running their City efficiently. We have the opportunity to work together to deliver solutions that engage citizens, empower city employees, optimize city operations, and transform and accelerate innovation. Earn any Microsoft competency to get started with Microsoft CityNext.

What you need to know

In addition to earning any Microsoft competency, the following are required to become a Microsoft CityNext partner:

  • Solution profile map
  • Marketing listing for Microsoft Referrals
  • Case studies (two or more)

Get started with Microsoft Referrals

Upon meeting requirements, send us your information—including social media links—via email.

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Empower cities and citizens

By working together, we can address city challenges by offering:

  • A trusted platform of end-to-end software, devices, and services that meet customer needs—from city operations to citizen services—by leveraging existing cloud infrastructure technology investments.
  • The speed, flexibility, and efficiency your customers need to free their infrastructures from the restrictions of the past.
  • A people-first approach that truly empowers city leaders, businesses, and citizens.

Take advantage of marketing materials designed to help you convey the value of your solutions to your customers—and sell. Work with us to promote your solutions and events on social media.

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Explore case studies, white papers, data sheets, videos, and other resources to help you build and deploy winning city solutions.

Learn and get ready

Find out how cities are benefiting from partner solutions in this collection of Microsoft CityNext videos.