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Limitless innovation with Microsoft AI

Welcome to the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. Unlock limitless innovation and drive business transformation for customers around the world with Microsoft AI technology. Sign in—or learn about becoming a partner.

Discover how we can work together to achieve more

The AI Cloud Partner Program is how you build quickly, scale growth, and sell worldwide—all while powering customers’ transformation with Microsoft AI technology. We’ll help you stay at the forefront of innovation to expand your opportunity.

Innovate on a connected technology ecosystem

Power your customers’ transformation with Microsoft AI. We stay at the forefront of innovation—so you can provide high-performing solutions.

Modernize and create apps that delight customers

Accelerate app development, skip writing repetitive code, and infuse your customers’ low-code solutions with AI capabilities by tapping into Microsoft AI-powered IP.

Maximize customer value and impact for your devices

Enable the new commercial and technical experiences your customers are searching for through Microsoft AI-powered devices. Explore resources designed to help you build, sell, and go to market—and access the Mixed Reality offer to expand your device solutions.

Committed to partnership: Now and in the future

Capture the power of our partnership. We’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to innovate on the Microsoft Cloud, grow your business, and deliver on the promise of AI transformation for customers across industries.

Partner for long-term profitability

Unlock sustainable growth, streamline how you sell, and access 1 billion customers around the globe. Microsoft provides the platform and resources—including discounted licensing and training courses—to help you achieve more.
Two colleagues chat in an open office environment Two colleagues chat in an open office environment

Microsoft 365 Copilot and Microsoft 365 Chat are now available

Create faster and complete tasks easily in a unified experience across Bing, Edge, Microsoft 365, and Windows. Microsoft 365 Copilot is your digital companion for everyday life.
A manager trains a direct report on a new computer system A manager trains a direct report on a new computer system

Learn more about multiparty offers on our new website

Multiparty private offers empower you to work with other Microsoft partners to create personalized offers with custom payouts outside of the commercial marketplace.
A professional takes a Teams call from home A professional takes a Teams call from home

Migrate your commercial customers on legacy to new commerce now

Set the terms your customers want before the Microsoft-led migration process begins in January 2024.

Key resources

Achieve more by partnering with Microsoft
Explore partner offers to find the best fit for your business goals.
Build your skills
Explore our training gallery and learn how you can develop and refine the knowledge you need to sell successfully with Microsoft.
Accelerating ISV innovation
Explore how to grow and sell high-performing apps across the Microsoft Cloud.
Harness AI technology for your business
Deliver AI transformation to customers across organizations and industries with platforms, products, tools, and offerings built for Microsoft partners.

Explore partner incentives
Our partner incentives portfolio is designed to reward partners for participating in our ecosystem—so you can drive your customers’ digital transformation.
Execute your strong marketing strategy
With our go-to-market resources, drive demand for your offer, connect with the right customers, and grow your business.
Sell with Microsoft
Find resources for your sales strategy, sell through the Microsoft commercial marketplace to reach millions of global customers, and explore collaborative selling opportunities.
Differentiate with Solutions Partner designations
Attain a designation to validate your capabilities, unlock new benefits, and stand out to your customers.