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TwoConnect case study: City Mattress

TwoConnect uses Azure services to connect line-of-business platforms

Seeking a single view of the customer sales journey

City Mattress was dealing with disparate sources of customer data and wanted a fully integrated view of the customer sales experience.

Building an integration solution on Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

Using Microsoft Azure Integration Services and Azure Logic Apps, TwoConnect connected two key platforms: STORIS and Shopify.

Greater visibility enables more relevant promotions

City Mattress can now develop time-critical customer marketing promotions using all available data and channels.

TwoConnect creates applications and data solutions that empower workplaces

TwoConnect, a Microsoft gold partner since 1995, simplifies software development through cloud-native integrated applications and data solutions that empower workplaces and impact the bottom line. TwoConnect has led hundreds of integration implementations, covering all major industry sectors. TwoConnect’s Shopify integration consulting service, available in the Azure Marketplace, is a five-day proof of concept that uses Azure services to integrate Shopify with line-of-business applications.

In business since 1964, City Mattress of Buffalo, New York, runs a mix of on-premises and Software-as-a-Service applications for core business functions. City Mattress had undertaken a partial migration, but to fully realize a cloud-based customer sales experience, City Mattress needed to integrate its Azure-hosted STORIS point-of-sale system and Shopify, a leading suite of sales and marketing tools.

Connecting Shopify and STORIS with the help of Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps is a cloud service that helps developers integrate apps, data, systems, and services across enterprises or organizations. It features a gallery with hundreds of ready-to-use connectors, and it proved to be the ideal platform to orchestrate this integration process. Using Azure Logic Apps, TwoConnect developed a set of apps connecting Shopify and the STORIS SQL Database.

Each platform implemented a specialized application programming interface pattern that required a multi-level exchange to post business data. Azure Integration Services made it easy for TwoConnect to fully integrate Shopify using JavaScript Object Notation, Extensible Markup Language, and Simple Object Access Protocol line-of-business applications. This enabled the syncing of orders, customers, products, custom objects, marketing platforms, and more.

TwoConnect’s solution delivered a highly flexible, fully automated, and easily supportable Shopify integration. The STORIS-Shopify Integration Logic App now manages the entire interaction between STORIS enterprise resource planning and Shopify sales and marketing apps.

For City Mattress, this has paved the way for timely and personalized customer engagement, targeted promotions over the lifetime of the company's products, faster closing of upselling opportunities, and greater business productivity.

“With Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, we helped City Mattress merge two critical business platforms. As a result, they achieved personalized customer engagement that enables them to target customer opportunities and quickly close on sales opportunities.”

—Javier Mariscal, President, TwoConnect

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