MAIW: DevOps with GitHub

Date de modification 2022-12-09

Microsoft Azure DevOps and GitHub work together to provide a comprehensive DevOps solution for organizations of all sizes, allowing each team and organization the ability to scale their use of products and services to build a resilient toolchain based on the concept of being able to code, collaborate, and ship from anywhere.​

Attendees will be provided with information on how Microsoft and GitHub implement DevOps across multiple engineering teams and, along with our local partners, giving them a deep dive into DevOps concepts and areas they need to consider when approaching a complete, end-to-end tool chain from planning to operation and all the coding, testing, and deployment in between. The workshop will go deep on the tooling and process required to implement a modern DevOps approach to improve your productivity and developer velocity.

This workshop includes demonstrations and examples of best practices, followed by hands-on guided lab experience. Participants will dive deep into migration and modernization scenarios and tools (available from Microsoft and Partners) to help them on their journey to cloud.