Connect and empower your frontline retail workers

Date de modification 2024-04-08

The Connect and empower your frontline retail workers campaign is designed for system integrators and service providers targeting corporate and enterprise customers in the retail sector. Today, store associates face evolving challenges that complicate their job including working with analog tools, outdated skilling, and disconnected communication. As a Microsoft partner, you are poised to bring the expertise and services retailers need to empower their frontline workers with Microsoft technology.
This campaign offers in-depth impactful content and insights on:
How AI supports store associates
Enhancing store associate communication
Transforming store associate experiences
Increasing store operational efficiency
Safeguarding customers and retail business data
Empowering the store associate

Download the campaign Execution Guide to learn more and start customizing the assets to launch this campaign.

Help your retail customers empower their frontline workforce with technology that helps them concentrate on what matters most and empowers their frontline workers to work smarter, not harder.