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Premium tax technology provider harnesses data with smart business strategy solution

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Pegaso Tecnología executives knew that there was value in the e-invoicing and taxation data it was collecting for customers. The technology services provider wanted to capture that value, so it created Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS), a sophisticated and cost-effective solution built on Microsoft Azure technology that provides Pegaso customers with a fast way to drill into data and quickly get answers to complex business questions.

A taxation specialist explores possibilities

Pegaso Tecnología is a premium tax technology provider headquartered in Mexico. The company serves multinational customers in highly regulated sectors including finance, insurance, automotive, and retail, among others. With a history of technical innovation, Pegaso is known for helping its customers optimize business-to-business processes through the use of electronic invoicing. The company’s services are sought by firms known for their own commitment to innovation and to safeguarding their reputation for scrupulous business practice.

To serve a progressive customer base that largely occupies the list of the 500 fastest-growing global companies, Pegaso Tecnología employs more than 70 people highly specialized in international best practices. These areas include Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) for the development and integration of applications, Project Management Institute (PMI) for project management, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for service operation framework. Pegaso Tecnología comprises four business units: Digital Tax Solutions, Business Intelligence (BI), Cloud Services Architecture, and e-Government.

This diverse skill base perfectly equips the company to offer a unique blend of solid fiscal management and technological innovation. The management team at Pegaso Tecnología takes the responsibility for stewardship of its customers’ data very seriously. As innovators, the team members constantly reach for ever-smarter solutions to customer needs. Adopting their customers’ point of view, they wondered if there was a way to delve deeper and optimize that data.

From data arise greater answers

Pegaso Tecnología CEO and General Manager Javier Vega Flores knows an opportunity when he sees it. “We already had the customer information,” he says. “It was a question of how we could use that data to deliver enhanced customer value.” True to its leadership position in the industry, the company began developing its BlaaS. The solution uses customer data from e-invoice (CFDI) information residing in Microsoft Azure, and then interrogates it with Microsoft Power BI to create a summary of sales by product, branch, and customer. It also notes deviations by set times and consumption, among other indicators.

“We use SQL Server and Azure Data Services not just to store the data, but to explore and transform it. With Power BI, we can interrogate that data to answer business questions. This is our software-as-a-service model,” says Saúl González, Director of Tax Solutions at Pegaso Tecnología.

A GPS for business

Sales Director Alejandro Marín Michel describes other possibilities yielded by exploring the invoicing data. Now, Pegaso can help its customers to use their data as a strategic planning tool in areas of business beyond financial planning, such as marketing, sales, and road mapping.

The advantages afforded by this solution? González points to simplified deployment processes and capabilities not found in other solutions. “Unlike other BI strategies, this solution is deployed much faster, between 4 and 12 weeks. That’s because the structure of the electronic invoice is defined by the government. We simply extract information that can give us value from each XML,” he says.

“It is the GPS of your business,” says Vega Flores. “We are the only Authorized Certification Provider [ACP], certified by the Tax Administration Service, which is actually using BI to meet business needs through the use of the e-invoice. Our solution offers dynamic dashboards with statistical information that supports decision making, an intuitive design based on international best practices and flexible operation so that business users without technical skills can apply filters, derive business insights, and above all, generate conclusions and business strategies.”

González values the speed that is now possible to derive complex analyses from the enormous volume of data generated by a multinational customer. “Our solution can be deployed in as few as 4 to 12 weeks. Other traditional business intelligence projects on the market can take up to a year. In times like these, once the year-long project has been completed, the company’s strategy may have changed,” he says.

"A customer can manage tens of millions of records with a click of the mouse, and obtain information for decision making based on raw data from tens of millions of transactions."

– Alejandro Marín Michel, Sales Director, Pegaso Tecnología

Herculean undertakings: simplified and cost-effective

As CEO, Vega Flores knows well the importance of having the best tools to simplify processes and deploy resources. In a globalized and competitive world, even a small mistake or a wasted minute can mean millions of dollars in losses. “When Pegaso partners with Microsoft, we can deliver the best of both worlds: our fiscal and strategic planning know-how, backed by Microsoft technology,” he says. “We don’t get that know-how from other software companies. Our customers feel secure knowing that they are protected both by cutting-edge technologies and by the depth of business knowledge we bring to the table.”

He adds that according to research consultancies, the costs for solutions such as Pegaso Tecnología’s BlaaS run just 15 to 20 percent more than traditional solutions. “Nowadays, customers know they can significantly improve results without having to make huge investments. Rather than just retaining data, our customers are agile, making decisions based on data they had, but didn’t know how to exploit.”

Pegaso Tecnología offers customers a one-stop approach as a part of the BlaaS: its BI-Business Process Outsourcing team of data scientists which advises customers, helping them to optimize their data. Customers no longer need to hire their own experts in mathematical models to interpret models and provide strategic advice.

The intuitive user interface is a further advantage of the solution. With the ability to filter data and concentrate analysis on various indicators, customers can easily drill down or up. And because the solution can incorporate additional data sets, its growth potential is enormous. Security has also been acutely addressed by Pegaso Tecnología. “Because our solution is certified by the Tax Administration Service, our customers know that they can share their information and it will be safeguarded with the highest standards of quality and safety,” says Marín Michel. “The BlaaS solution offers great simplicity. A customer can manage tens of millions of records with a click of the mouse, and obtain information for decision-making based on raw data from tens of millions of transactions.”

Room to grow

With an eye on the future, Pegaso Tecnología has invited other companies to partner and develop new strategies to build on and improve the solution. “We feel that compared to the competition, the trajectory of our solution has been striking. We’re sure that our strategic alliance with Microsoft will continue to reap significant and diverse benefits for our customers,” says González.

Vega Flores underscores the same confidence in his company’s BlaaS solution. “Every industry must make decisions based on high volumes of information. I think that using our platform is a wise investment that saves a lot of time and capital. Moreover, it minimizes security risks.”

"When Pegaso partners with Microsoft, we can deliver the best of both worlds: our fiscal and strategic planning know-how, backed by Microsoft technology."

– Javier Vega Flores, Chief Executive Officer, Pegaso Tecnología