Microsoft Azure Immersion Workshops

Microsoft Azure Immersion Workshops

Help customers expand their Microsoft Azure expertise with hands-on experience.

Provide the Azure expertise and hands-on experience customers are looking for with our Azure Immersion workshop (AIW) series. Using our ready-made collection of discipline-specific resources and tools, you can quickly and easily start hosting your own day-long customer working sessions to expand your value and drive demand for your solutions.

Available workshops


Train customers on basic AI and show them the value this innovative technology can bring to their business. Customers will gain a deep understanding of Microsoft Azure AI tools and relevant topics like machine learning and knowledge mining.


Show customers how to deliver data insights using Azure Synapse Analytics and demonstrate ways they can make insights available to everyone in their organization using Microsoft Power BI.

Azure Arc

Teach customers best practices for adopting Azure Arc and how to use Azure Arc to extend their Azure platform and build applications and services that have the flexibility to run across data center, edge, and multicloud environments.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Improve customers’ remote-work capabilities by helping them gain the knowledge and hands-on skills they need to accelerate the design and implementation of their virtual desktop infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Native Apps

Help customers discover how to simplify and accelerate their app modernization journey by leveraging scalable DevOps practices.

Database Modernization

Give customers a deep dive into migrating apps and databases to Microsoft Azure. Show them the benefits of moving these workloads to the cloud and how to complete their migration using Azure SQL Database.

DevOps with GitHub

Learn how to help customers build a resilient tool chain to code, collaborate, and ship from anywhere. They’ll get hands-on experience with the tooling and process required to improve their productivity and developer velocity.

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Provide a comprehensive overview of how customers can meet their evolving business needs with cloud innovation without completely revamping their configuration. They’ll get experience using Microsoft Azure hybrid solutions to build cloud-native apps anywhere.

Infrastructure Migration

Provide customers with hands-on experience migrating their on-premises infrastructure, servers, business applications, and databases to a more streamlined environment. They’ll also learn about the people, business processes, and governance involved.

Modernize Java Apps

Help customers get a comprehensive overview of the range of hosting options for Java apps on Microsoft Azure. They’ll learn about Azure’s support for popular application servers and frameworks, as well as how to design solutions for each.

.NET App Modernization

Help customers find new and improved ways to manage and create efficiencies in their Microsoft .NET application estate. They’ll learn how to evaluate and prioritize their .NET apps for modernization while limiting interruptions.

SAP on the Microsoft Cloud

Show customers how to consolidate and analyze data across systems and transform data into actionable intelligence. Customers will learn how to build a sound foundation with security, hybrid management, and compliance offerings and see what differentiates Microsoft as the preferred cloud platform for SAP workloads.

Operational Overview for Partners

Helps partners understand the operational elements of delivering an Azure Immersion Workshop.