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Microsoft Azure VMware Solution specialization

Program Overview and Requirements

Program Overview

Help your customers migrate on-premises VMware workloads to run VMware natively on Azure with the Microsoft Azure VMware Solution specialization, and showcase your organization's validated capabilities deploying and managing Azure VMware Solution.

VMware continues to dominate the on-premises virtualization market, owning roughly 75 to 80 percent of it. With 45 percent1 of businesses planning to or considering moving their entire server virtualization environment to the cloud in the next two years, demonstrating your ability to successfully migrate VMware-based workloads presents an attractive opportunity for your business.

Show your customers that you're uniquely qualified to eliminate the cost, effort, and risk of re-architecting applications or retooling operations when migrating their VMware-based virtualized workloads to the cloud with the VMware-certified Azure VMware Solution.

Partners who earn a specialization will get a customer-facing label displayed on their business profile page and be prioritized in customer searches in Microsoft AppSource.

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How do I apply?

Only an MPN Account Administrator or a Global Administrator of an organization's Microsoft partner account can submit an application for the Microsoft Azure VMware Solution specialization on behalf of the organization. If you have the appropriate role and access, you can apply by signing into Partner Center and navigating to your Partner Center dashboard > Membership > Specializations.

What are the requirements?

Eligible partners must meet the highest standards for service delivery and support. All requirements will be verified by Microsoft and/or a third-party vendor, either automatically or by manual review, and are subject to change.


Your organization must have an active Solutions Partner for Infrastructure (Azure) designation.


Your company must show an average of $10,000 of Azure Consumed Revenue (ACR) from Azure VMware Solutions (AVS) from at least 1 customer from the previous 3 months.

AVS ACR calculated via Service Level 4 filters:

  • Azure VMware Solution
  • Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple
  • Azure VMware Solution by Virtustream
  • Specialized Compute Azure VMware Solution


Your organization must have at least three individuals pass the following certifications (each item listed below must be held by at least one individual):


  • Three individuals must have passed the Azure VMware Solution (AVS) technical assessment for partners
  • Partner must have two full-time employees who have at least one of the following certifications (to be verified by manual audit):



Partner organization must have one or more of the following competencies:


Your company must pass a third-party audit. View audit checklist.