Ação necessária. Logons de MSA (por exemplo, @outlook, @google, @yahoo) serão desativados para DPC e todos os portais downstream (Retail Partner Center, OEM BI, DCCN e DP Connector). A partir de maio, você precisará de um logon do AAD (Azure Active Directory) para acessar o DPC. Clique AQUI para obter detalhes sobre como trocar seu logon para o AAD hoje mesmo.

Distribution Territories

UPDATED 9/30/2016

To determine where you are permitted to deliver software and hardware, please choose from the drop-down list the country in which your primary sales office for Microsoft OEM Distribution business is located.

If you have questions about your distribution territory, please contact your account manager as soon as possible.

Under the terms of the Microsoft OEM Distributor Channel Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that you will not export the System Builder software packs and licenses to locations outside of this territory.