MAIW: Cloud Native Apps

Дата изменения 2023-04-28

This workshop is delivered by skilled Microsoft services partners and is designed to simplify and accelerate customers’ journey towards modernizing their existing applications, building new apps in a cloud native way, using Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Apps, Azure Functions, GitHub, and managed Azure databases.​

In this workshop, customers will better understand: ​

  • What is cloud-native computing, what is Kubernetes, and why they are a part of the biggest trend in application development​
  • How to use the Azure Database Migration Service and Azure Cosmos DB to migrate from MongoDB​
  • How Microsoft technologies can help you build modern applications that scale easily, achieve resiliency and leverage DevOps practices​

This workshop includes demonstrations and examples of best practices, followed by hands-on guided lab experience. Topics span use cases, cloud TCO and value, mitigation of common pitfalls, and a guided map for your migration and modernization projects. The session also includes some hands-on training to help you get started on your cloud-native application development journey.