Exam AZ-104: Gain knowledge and prep for the exam

Дата изменения 2023-10-26

Obtaining a Microsoft certification can showcase your expertise, contribute to your organization's success, and grow your career. Passing these exams is a commitment to staying up to date with business innovation and strong technical expertise. These resources will help.

The first training collects the Microsoft Learn materials for self-serve learning. Next, the exam-prep session will cover how the exam is structured, where to focus your study time, and how questions will look. These sessions are led by experts and test designers from Worldwide Learning. When you're ready, you can register to take the proctored exam. If you need information about how to keep your certifications active, you'll find it in the last collection.

By combining these resources, you'll have a robust toolbox to prepare for—and feel confident about—the exams that you'll take.