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Systems Limited case study

The challenge of consolidating information in times of crisis

In the event of large-scale crises, including natural disasters, pandemics, and sociopolitical unrest, organizations must prepare to address employees' concerns, track their status, and share vital information.

Manage your team remotely with Crisis Management App

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Systems Limited’s Crisis Management App simplifies communication, facilitates employee tracking, and acts as a central source for updates during times of crisis.

Crisis Management App helps keep teams safe, productive, and informed

Empower your employees to combat isolation and work-from-home challenges, communicate freely, and achieve maximum productivity while providing updates on internal company news, emergency contact information, and more.

Systems Limited is a global force for digitally driven change

Based in Pakistan and well diversified across business process outsourcing (BPO), omnichannel contact centers, data integration, application development, and cloud and digital services around the world, Systems Limited drives digital transformation by delivering innovative solutions to complex business problems. A Microsoft partner since 2012, Systems Limited has nine Gold Cloud Platform competencies, including Application Development, Cloud Platform, Collaboration and Content, Data Analytics, DevOps, Enterprise Resource Planning, and more. The company has a record of successfully delivering large-scale projects for major global organizations, including several Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 companies.

With the recent drastic changes in work dynamics experienced across industries, businesses need remote work management systems to help them remain aware of workforce performance and productivity while helping to ensure employees’ safety. Systems Limited's Crisis Management App addresses this urgent need by offering a single digital tool that caters to all remote workforce management needs.

Keeping employees safe, productive, and informed with Crisis Management App

Systems Limited used the Microsoft Power Platform—including Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Graph API, and the Crisis Communication template—to develop Crisis Management App. With the help of the low-code/no-code Microsoft Power Platform, Systems Limited developed a prototype of Crisis Management App in just two weeks, enabling the company to offer Crisis Management App to its clients quickly by avoiding traditionally long application development sprints.

The flexibility of the Microsoft Power Platform enables Crisis Management App to easily integrate seamlessly with other data sources. Other salient features include a real-time view of organizational attendance, effective task management, and the ability to build new crisis-based policies based on data the application gathers to help organizations keep their employees safe, productive, and informed.

Crisis Management App from Systems Limited simplifies communication with remote employees during times of crisis, including natural disasters, pandemics, and sociopolitical unrest. It facilitates employee tracking and communication and acts as a central source for crisis updates while addressing remote workforce attendance, travel management, health updates, and company policies.

“Systems Limited takes pride in the fact that it is a key stakeholder in Microsoft’s Partner Network. Our technology portfolio based on Microsoft tools is diverse, agile, and inclusive. And our Crisis Management App has helped our customers when they needed it the most during trying times.”

—Rao Hamid Khan, General Manager, Domestic Operations, Systems Limited

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