Today’s blog is from guest contributors Alaric Wilson, Senior ISV Partner Development Manager, and Michael Gillett, Partner Technology Strategy Manager.

In the era of AI, every app has the potential to be intelligent. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are facing increasing pressure from customers to deliver innovative solutions that meet their demands with a more dynamic user experience. To stay competitive, ISVs are turning to cutting-edge technologies like generative AI to unlock new possibilities for their software development process. Azure OpenAI Service, powered by OpenAI's advanced language models, is revolutionizing how ISVs innovate, providing them with unprecedented capabilities to create intelligent, adaptive, and highly customized applications.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing recent resources and examples, to help  ISV partners learn more about the opportunities to leverage generative AI on Azure OpenAI Service and fuel customers’ innovation efforts.

Building responsible & ethical AI

Underlying each use case is the responsible and ethical approach to building these AI-enabled applications that both Microsoft and OpenAI have taken. This keeps the AI safe and fair to use. To ensure that your own AI features offer the same level of safety, we announced the Azure AI Content Safety service at Microsoft Build 2023. This will make it easier for developers to test and evaluate AI deployments for safety by detecting and assigning severity scores to unsafe content across languages in both images and text. It will be integrated across services, including Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Machine Learning, to help practitioners assess models prior to deployment and as a content moderation tool.

Accelerating app development and innovation

Azure OpenAI Service, combined with the functionality of GitHub Copilot, can significantly reduce the time and effort required to build AI capabilities from scratch. GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered code completion tool that can assist developers by generating code snippets, offering autocomplete suggestions, or providing code documentation. This powerful combination streamlines development workflows, increases developer productivity, and enhances the overall coding experience. With Azure OpenAI service models powering GitHub Copilot, developers can now leverage cutting-edge AI technology to expedite app development and foster innovation.

Softools is a Microsoft partner using AI to help customers quickly automate business processes through its enterprise grade no-code application platform. Softools uses AI to accelerate Application development and can readily integrate AI services into Applications to bring the benefits of AI into business processes. This solution empowers people to rapidly create applications to digitize business processes that are often managed manually using paper, emails, or Microsoft Excel. Built on Microsoft Azure and available in the Commercial Marketplace Softools platform can accelerate digital transformation because people without IT skills can learn in hours, build in minutes, and deploy their apps instantly.

Enhancing user experiences

ISVs can elevate their applications' intelligence to make them more interactive, personalized, and engaging for end users. For example, GPT can generate natural language responses and enable dynamic and context-aware conversational experiences, while DALL-E can create unique and visually striking images based on textual input, enhancing visual content generation. You can harness these capabilities to deliver compelling user experiences that differentiate your products and capture user attention.

To help businesses better serve their customers, CallMiner developed an AI-driven platform incorporating Azure AI Speech. This solution uses speech recognition capabilities to ingest and analyze customer support conversations, delivering insights into why they are calling, how service agents are performing, any potential issues with products, and more – helping leaders make informed decisions that improve customer satisfaction.

Scaling AI capabilities

Azure OpenAI services provide a scalable and reliable infrastructure to support the computational demands of AI-powered applications. ISVs can leverage the cloud-based nature of these services to handle large-scale AI computations, accommodating high volumes of user interactions and data processing. With Azure's robust infrastructure, ISV partners can ensure consistent performance, handle peak loads effectively, and scale their AI capabilities seamlessly. With this scalability, you can grow your user base and handle increased demand without worrying about infrastructure limitations.

SymphonyAI is using this ability to fight financial crime with AI. These crimes are estimated to represent about 5 percent of the global GDP, and addressing them means managing the tens of thousands of alerts that large financial institutions receive each month. SymphonyAI’s Sensa Copilot acts as an AI assistant to financial crime investigators by automatically collecting, collating, and summarizing financial and third-party information, reducing human time and effort by as much as 70 percent.

Access to cutting-edge AI capabilities

OpenAI models represent the latest advancements in AI research and technology, granting software companies access to powerful capabilities that were previously only available to a limited few. Now, partners can build with state-of-the-art technologies and deliver innovative and differentiated solutions that stand out in a crowded market. Take the newly announced Azure AI Studio, which helps you harness generative AI and easily ground OpenAI models on your data. With the latest capabilities, it will be possible for developers to ground OpenAI models (such as ChatGPT and GPT-4) on their data with just a few clicks — quickly and easily building organization-specific conversational AI experiences.

Get started with advanced AI capabilities with ISV Success

ISV Success helps you create AI-powered applications across the Microsoft Cloud — our collective offering of Azure, Microsoft 365 (including Teams and Viva), Security, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform. Through ISV Success, you receive benefits with a retail value of more than USD125,000, including cloud sandboxes and developer tools, curated resources, community guidance, and go-to-market support. Thanks to AI’s rapid advancement, now is a great time for partners to embrace new business models and jumpstart innovation. Learn more about ISV Success on the Azure blog.

We are thrilled to announce that members of ISV Success can now apply for priority access to Azure OpenAI Service. As a participant, you'll work with advanced AI services that further enhance your app's functionality and user experience, such as custom neural voice, speaker recognition, and content filters.

By joining ISV Success, you'll also gain access to best-in-class developer tools including Visual Studio and GitHub, cloud credits, one-to-one technical consultations, and training resources. It's an opportunity to level up your app development and gain a competitive edge. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your offerings and deliver innovative solutions to your customers, learn more about ISV Success and join now.

To learn more about the partner opportunity with intelligent apps and dive into all that the Azure OpenAI Service has to offer, visit our on-demand webinar.  Please also visit the AI Transformation for Partners resources hub for the latest information on Microsoft AI, including the new AI Transformation Partner Playbook. This resource covers Microsoft AI with special emphasis on Azure OpenAI Service and Copilot, guiding partners through your AI Transformation journey from co-innovation through co-marketing and sales with partner interviews and customer case studies. With our support, you can turn AI excitement into real, cross-solution-area deals.


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