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Girl with Surface Duo 2

Q4FY22 Promotion Offers

WE May Surface for Business Offers (update to section).

People gathered around a wooden table

Q4 FY22 Surface Education Offers

Q4FY22 Education Offers Apr - June 22 (Update to section).

Q4FY22 Surface for Business promotional offers

Download the latest Surface for Business offers for April/May.

Q4FY22 Laptop 4 13“

Save 10% off net MSRP on all 13" Laptop 4 devices.

Laptop SE con wood desk

Q4 FY22 Surface Education Offers

Education offers available Apr - June 22.

Surface Book 3 with keyboard on a white table

Q4FY22 Surface Book 3

Save up to 30% off net MSRP while stocks last.

Women presenting on a whiteboard and a teams call

Q4FY22 Surface Hub 2S 85" Smart Camera Offer

Discount of net MSRP of Smart Camera on select 85“ skus.

Surface Pro 7+ on wooden desk

April Surface Pro 7+ Offer

Save up to 20% off net MSRP.

Contextual office

Surface Partner for Business Use Program

Available for FY22 discounts for partners to buy Surface devices for their own business use.