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Internet of Things (IoT)

Make things happen with the industry’s leading platform for IoT.

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Get access to more than 40,000 enterprise sellers as well as co-marketing opportunities and more by joining the Microsoft Partner Network. Benefit from our advisor relationships with top-tier organizations and get global exposure for your solutions through a Microsoft marketplace.

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Why IoT matters

Over 75 percent of businesses are planning IoT projects as a key piece of their strategy for digital transformation. Whether it’s reducing cost and increasing efficiency delivering safer and more reliable operations, creating new revenue streams, or improving customer engagement, IoT is opening new opportunities for partners in every industry. And Microsoft partners are at the forefront with the leading platform for every dimension of IoT.

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See how to prepare your business to deliver IoT solutions on the most trusted, productive platform in the largest, most diverse ecosystem.

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From predictive maintenance to business transformation

Discover how pioneering enterprises are exploring the “Art of the Possible” – reshaping business with IoT and a USDS billion investment from Microsoft.

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Key industry applications for IoT

If you have customers in these industries, explore how IoT can transform their businesses.

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