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Microsoft partners offer the technical expertise, services, and solutions you need to transform your business, be profitable, and grow in new ways.

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When you choose a Microsoft partner, you're choosing a business relationship that can help you solve the challenges of today and unlock greater growth tomorrow.

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The partners in our ecosystem create and sell differentiated products and end-to-end solutions—in any scenario and in every industry—to drive your success.

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Microsoft validates partner capabilities and expertise, making it easier for you to find a partner to transform your organization in an evolving business landscape.

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Microsoft Solutions Partner Modern Work badge
Solutions Partner
Solutions Partners have validated their skills, capabilities, and experience driving customer success in specific Microsoft solution areas—so they can deliver what you need to grow.
Microsoft Solutions Partner Microsoft Cloud badge
Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud
A Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud has attained all six solution area badges, demonstrating their broad technical capabilities and proficiencies across the Microsoft Cloud.
Microsoft Solutions Partner Infrastructure Azure badge
Partners who earn a specialization in a particular topic further demonstrate their deep expertise related to specific technical scenarios in one of the six Microsoft Cloud solution areas.
Microsoft Solutions Partner with certified software badge
Solutions Partner with certified software designations
Certified software designations for solution areas and industry AI unlock added benefits, differentiate partners' software offerings, and help customers identify trusted solutions.
If your business needs support integrating data, streamlining processes, and unifying teams, Solutions Partners for Business Applications have demonstrated their ability to solve these challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. Specialists in Microsoft Low Code Application Development or Small and Midsize Business Management have further proven their expertise delivering solutions in these specific areas.
For help managing data and capturing analytics, Solutions Partners for Data and AI (Azure) have showcased their ability to manage your data across multiple systems to build analytics and AI solutions. Specialists in this area can also help you meet specific needs by providing their expertise in specialized scenarios, such as Analytics on Microsoft Azure or AI, Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure, and more.
If your business needs support building, running, and managing intelligent applications, Solutions Partners for Digital App & Innovation (Azure) have demonstrated their ability to work with applications across multiple clouds, on premises, and at the edge. For specialized needs, including Modernization of Web Applications, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, and more, you can also work with specialists in this solution area.
When preparing to migrate across the hybrid cloud, Solutions Partners for Infrastructure (Azure) can help you accelerate migration of your key infrastructure workloads to Microsoft Azure. If your business requires partners with specialized knowledge in this area, you can work with specialists in SAP on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, and more.
To improve your business’s productivity and shift to hybrid work using Microsoft 365, Solutions Partners for Modern Work have established their ability to connect people and processes. Specialists in Custom Solutions for Microsoft Teams, Teamwork Deployment, and more provide specific capabilities and expertise to help transform your organization.
If your business needs help securing its critical systems and data, Solutions Partners for Security have demonstrated their ability to deliver the Microsoft security products you need. For specific security scenarios, you can work with partners who have further proven their capabilities and expertise in areas such as Cloud Security or Threat Protection.

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